Nishino Kana To Release 2 Best-of Albums

Nishino Kana to release 2 best-of albums

Nishino Kana will simultaneously release two best-of albums, "Love Collection 2 ~pink~" and "Love Collection 2 ~mint~," on November 21.

Nishino celebrated her 10th debut anniversary this year. The two albums will include her hit songs and tie-up songs from 2013 to 2018 as well as a couple of brand new songs. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing music videos and a special booklet with photos of past jacket covers. 

Nissan Leaf Is Europe's Best-selling Ev So Far This Year

Nissan Leaf Is Europe's Best-Selling EV So Far This YearA year since going on sale in Europe, Nissan's all-new Leaf has become the region's best-selling electric vehicle in 2018.
Nissan says it has already delivered 26,000 units to European customers in the first eight months of this year. That means one Leaf is sold about every 10 minutes across the continent. More than 8,000 of the total have been delivered to corporate fleets, with the rest going to retail customers.

Iphone Xs And Xs Max Review: Vs. The Best Android Phones

iPhone XS and XS Max Review: Vs. The Best Android Phones

It’s that time of the year, and iPhone users can get busy shopping after the new iPhone XS, and XS Max have been announced. We’re sorry if you’ve bought your iPhone X last month, and maybe we can suggest reading Ubergizmo more often to keep up with these launches. Let’s get to business and look at how the new iPhone XS and XS Max perform, including against some of the best Android handsets.

Kobukuro To Release Complete Best-of Album In December

Kobukuro to release complete best-of album in December

Kobukuro will release a complete best-of album titled "ALL TIME BEST 1998-2018" on December 5.

The duo celebrated their 20th anniversary on September 8. Their upcoming album will be a four-disc set including a total of 58 songs. It will be available in three different versions: Regular Edition, Limited Edition (CD+DVD), and Fan Site Member Edition (CD+DVD+History Book). In the Limited Edition DVD, you will find 120 minutes worth of footage that the duo selected themselves. Meanwhile, the Fan Site Member Edition DVD will contain a footage that summarizes their 20 years. 

'breath Of The Wild' Is The Best-selling 3d Zelda Game In Japan

'Breath Of The Wild' Is The Best-Selling 3D Zelda Game In Japan

It’s safe to say the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the more successful and popular video games in recent years. The game has not only become the best-selling Zelda title of all time, over in Japan, it appears to have also become the best-selling 3D Zelda game, surpassing the Ocarina of Time.

Sony Boss Claims Ps4 Is The 'best Place' To Play Fortnite On

Sony Boss Claims PS4 Is The 'Best Place' To Play Fortnite On

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Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale supports cross-play functionality where gamers can play it across a multitude of devices, save for the PS4. Sony has famously refused to enable cross-play support in the past and Fortnite is no different where gamers on the PS4 can’t play with those on the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch (it does support PC and mobile).

Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Available From Best Buy & Gamestop

Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Available From Best Buy & GameStop

Nintendo’s Switch online service has been confirmed to launch in the second half of September. For those who are intending on signing up for it, you might be interested to learn that both Best Buy and GameStop are now selling the subscriptions on their respective websites (Best Buy/GameStop).

The subscriptions are priced the same as what Nintendo is offering so it doesn’t make a difference who you buy it from, unless you have a preference for a particular retailer. This means that if you are interested in the 3 month membership, it will be priced at $7.99, while the 12 month membership will retail for $19.99.

175r To Release All-time Best Album Commemorating 20th Anniversary

175R to release all-time best album commemorating 20th anniversary

To commemorate their 20th anniversary, 175R will release an all-time best album titled "175R BEST: ANNIVERSARY 1998-2018" on October 3. 

The album will be comprised of 20 tracks including their hits "Sora ni Utaeba " and "Happy Life" as well as a new song called "ANNIVERSARY." The songs from their very early days were re-recorded for the album. 

Nomura Mansai Aspires To Do His Best At 2020 Games

Nomura Mansai aspires to do his best at 2020 Games

Kyogen actor Nomura Mansai, the newly appointed chief director of ceremonies for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, says he wants the Games to be simple but full of Japanese spirit.

Recovery is an underlying theme of the 2020 Games, which were planned as the Tohoku region was recovering from the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

Best Icon Packs For Android

Best Icon Packs For Android

Android is all about flexibility and customization. You can choose to change the appearance of your home screen or you can completely change your phone’s default font style. Installing an icon pack is one of the most popular changes which often involves installing a third-party launcher as well. But, there are tons of icon packs at the Google Play Store but fret not, we will help you with the decision by selecting the best icon packs (free+paid) of all time.

An icon pack is a set of custom-designed icons bundled inside an application which can be installed and applied to your smartphone’s software through an Android launcher (an app which lets you customize the look of your home screen and the app drawer).

Southern All Stars Announce New Best-of Album, Cm Tie-up & Tour For 40th Anniversary

Southern All Stars announce new best-of album, CM tie-up & tour for 40th anniversary

Southern All Stars, who celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 25, have announced the release of a new best-of album, a CM tie-up with 'Mitsuya Cider,' and a tour next spring.

Twenty years have passed since the group released their best-of album "Umi no Yeah!!" on June 25, 1998. The upcoming album will include their hit singles, such as "TSUNAMI" and "Tokyo VICTORY" as well as their latest single "Tatakau Senshi (Mono) Tachi e Ai wo Komete." It will be a 2-disc set containing a total of 29 previously released songs and three brand new ones. 

Sleepyhead's Latest Song Is Takeru's 'best Work To Date'

sleepyhead's latest song is Takeru's 'best work to date'

The PV for sleepyhead's new song "HOPELESS" has been uploaded onto YouTube.

sleepyhead is ex.SuG member Takeru's solo project, and "HOPELESS" is a track off of his first album "DRIPPING" released on June 20. On his Twitter, Takeru wrote, "After listening to it again, I thought that this is my best work to date. My mistakes, shadow, past, scars, sustenance, and even hope. They are all included in it. I hope it becomes a song that will gently light someone's future."

Details On Miwa's First Best-of Album Revealed

Details on miwa's first best-of album revealed

The details on miwa's first best-of album "miwa THE BEST" have been revealed.

The 2-disc set will come with a total of 31 songs including all 28 of her singles as well as "Unchained Love," which is the insert song for the drama 'Signal: Choki Mikaiketsu Jiken Sosahan,' her new song "Acoustic Story," and "Meguro-gawa," which was been popular among her fans since her debut days. The Complete Production Edition and Limited Edition will come with a Blu-ray/DVD containing 10 music videos.