2020 Nissan Titan And Titan Xd Get More Expensive As They Get Better

2020 Nissan Titan and Titan XD get more expensive as they get better

The 2020 Nissan Titan and Titan XD have gone through some changes for the new model year. You can read all about our impressions of the refreshed Titan here, and all the new details on the Titan XD here — we're about to drive the XD, so look out for first drive impressions on that one soon, too. However, the news today is all about pricing of the improved Titans, which we haven't known about until now. A base 2020 Titan S King Cab will now cost $37,785, a $5,500 increase compared to the cheapest 2019 Titan that money can buy. A lot of this can be explained by Nissan's decision to drop the Single Cab altogether; the King Cab is now the base truck. Comparing apples to apples, the Titan's price rises $2,230 for the S King Cab. To get four-wheel drive, add $3,200. A PRO-4X King Cab will run you all the way up to $49,185.  If you go for the full-zoot Platinum Reserve Crew Cab with four-wheel drive, it'll top $60,000 – even Nissan wants a piece of the luxury truck pie. The more capable Titan XD is returning with similar improvements. The diesel is gone, but the gasoline V8 has a bit more power than last year like the non-XD does. It starts at $46,175, a huge increase of $11,590 – due in part to the elimination of the Single Cab model, and also making 4WD standard on the XD (2WD was available last year). What Nissan has done is limit folks' choices into a few much more expensive configuration than before. The PRO-4X costs $55,575, and the most expensive Platinum Reserve trim costs $63,285. That's a lot of money for a truck, but it's no more than what Ford, Ram and GM charge for their luxury pickups. Nissan says the new Titans will go on sale at the start of this year sometime, so look for them in dealer lots soon.

2020 Honda Civic Si Returns Fewer Mpg For Better Acceleration

2020 Honda Civic Si returns fewer mpg for better acceleration

The 2020 Honda Civic Si is getting an update that comes with fresher styling and more safety features. It also gets a shorter final drive gear ratio to help its 205 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque deliver quicker acceleration. Unfortunately, the change also appears to have sacrificed fuel economy. The EPA just released the numbers on the new Civic Si, and fuel economy has dropped by 2 mpg in all driving scenarios for 26 in the city, 36 on the highway and 30 combined. The reason for the drop is likely because the shorter final gear ratio means the engine will be running at higher rpm for any given speed, and thus be using more fuel at any given speed. Despite the dip in fuel economy, the Civic Si is still about the most efficient sporty compact with a manual (the Si's only transmission) on the market. Among similarly priced and powered small cars, the Fiat 500 Abarth ties the Civic's combined fuel economy of 30 mpg, but with better city fuel economy at 28 and worse highway mileage at 33. The Veloster Turbo with a manual gets 29 mpg combined followed by the Jetta GLI at 28, the GTI at 27, and the Mini Cooper S at 26.  

Acura Type S Concept Looks Even Better In The Monterey Sun

Acura Type S Concept looks even better in the Monterey sun

A few days ago, Acura showed its Type S Concept in an album of dramatically lit press photos. It is our extreme pleasure to report that the Acura Type S Concept on display at The Quail, with no shadows nor Photoshop to hide in, is even more pleasing to the eye than it was in those photographs. This is the sedan the brand said "sets the stage for re-introducing Type S performance variants to the Acura line-up after a decade hiatus, and will heavily influence the character of the upcoming, second-generation TLX Type S." Our hope is that the phrase "heavily influence the character of" is code for the word "be," and Acura's simply not ready to admit it yet. From the new rectangular "Jewel Eye" LED headlights to the front fascia that could double as an Orc weapon, the flanks with a pentathlete's balance of muscle and leanness, those Halo beam rifle taillights, and the mortar-launcher quad-pipes, this concept is the bee's knees. Acura calls the design language "Chicane," and this expression of it is everything a fan wants to see from the brand. The Double Apex Blue Pearl paint, forged carbon accents, and functional vents only make the sculpture better. We're promised two new Type S offerings in the next two years, an RDX Type S presumed to follow the TLX version. They can't come soon enough. We encourage you to check out the gallery and enjoy every angle of the preview for Acura's coming attractions.

Remote Schools To Get Better Internet Services

Remote schools to get better internet services

Japan's Education Ministry plans to improve Internet services used by isolated schools for remote learning. The effort will kick off in April next year with the goal to narrow the education gap between urban and rural communities.

The ministry already offers online learning at schools on remote islands and in under populated areas. But officials say the connections are unstable and video lectures sometimes get cut off.

Android Auto Gets A Big Update, And It's Going To Be Way Better

Android Auto gets a big update, and it's going to be way better

Android Auto users are in for a treat as Google just unveiled a complete overhaul of the interface. We can safely say it looks a whole lot better than the current system, and we're excited to try it out.

To begin, there's a new launcher. Instead of the five buttons along the bottom, now there's an array of apps to choose from in a vertically scrolling interface. This looks a whole lot more like the app drawer on your actual phone, and should make choosing your desired navigation or audio app much more intuitive. The launcher looks more like Apple CarPlay, but scrolls vertically instead of sliding from page to page horizontally.