Android Auto Gets A Big Update, And It's Going To Be Way Better

Android Auto gets a big update, and it's going to be way better

Android Auto users are in for a treat as Google just unveiled a complete overhaul of the interface. We can safely say it looks a whole lot better than the current system, and we're excited to try it out.

To begin, there's a new launcher. Instead of the five buttons along the bottom, now there's an array of apps to choose from in a vertically scrolling interface. This looks a whole lot more like the app drawer on your actual phone, and should make choosing your desired navigation or audio app much more intuitive. The launcher looks more like Apple CarPlay, but scrolls vertically instead of sliding from page to page horizontally.

Seko Urges Better Governance At Nissan

Seko urges better governance at Nissan

Japan's Industry Minister says Nissan Motor needs to take a frank look at improving governance. Hiroshige Seko also said that chairman Carlos Ghosn's arrest was very regrettable.

Seko said, "I'm deeply disappointed with what's happening. I want Nissan to have thorough discussions on governance in the third-party panel that the board plans to set up."

Group Calls For Better Human Rights In China

Group calls for better human rights in China

Uighurs and members of other Chinese ethnic minorities living in exile have formed a group in Japan to campaign for improvements in human rights in China.

About 100 people, including 10 members of Uighurs, Tibetans and other ethnic minorities, gathered on Friday for the founding of the group in Tokyo.

Was The Old One Better? 2019 Subaru Forester Joined By Past Generations

Was the old one better? 2019 Subaru Forester joined by past generations

Are you having a hard time telling the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester apart from its predecessor? Are you wondering what was actually changed?

Well, it's as if Subaru sensed that confusion, and brought the new Forester's ancestors on stage for its debut here at the New York Auto Show. Honestly, it didn't help much. The rear looks considerably different thanks to its Honda Accord-like forked taillight treatment, but oh boy, is there a strong similarity between generations four and five. However, given the success Subaru has been enjoying these past few years, why mess with something that works. After all, the new Ascent looks the way it does because that's what Subaru customers expected.

Mazda Cx-6: How A Wagon Could Sell Better Than The Mazda6

Mazda CX-6: How a wagon could sell better than the Mazda6

There is no Mazda CX-6. It doesn't exist, nor have we talked to anyone at Mazda about its existence.

However, let me now say that there SHOULD be a Mazda CX-6, or to put it another way, a Mazda6 Wagon that's been Allroad-ified with a modestly raised suspension, plastic body cladding and all-wheel drive. You know, the way Americans prefer their wagons.

Ps4 Pro Update Will Make Games Look Better On Older Tvs

PS4 Pro Update Will Make Games Look Better On Older TVs

Sony's PS4 Pro was clearly designed for the gamer with a 4K TV in mind, but what about those who don't own a 4K TV yet? Obviously this means that they won't be able to fully take advantage of what the PS4 Pro has to offer, although the good news is that it looks like Sony is doing something to address that.

In an announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed that there will be an incoming update for the console that will introduce "supersampling mode". This means that games designed for 4K will downscale to match your TV's resolution, but at the same time offering an image clarity boost.