Chrome Canary Introduces Shared Clipboard Between Android And Pc

Chrome Canary Introduces Shared Clipboard Between Android And PC

Image credit – XDA Developers

While you’re outside, using your phone to browse the web is to be expected, but when you’re at home, it would be more comfortable using a computer. However, there are times when we might prefer using our phones, but that presents a problem when you’re trying to move from phone to PC.

Bolton May Mediate Dispute Between Tokyo And Seoul

Bolton may mediate dispute between Tokyo and Seoul

US National Security Advisor John Bolton is expected to visit South Korea next week amid worsening relations between the country and Japan.

US and South Korean sources say arrangements are being made for Bolton's two-day visit to South Korea from next Tuesday. He's expected to stop in Japan first.

Android Q Will Automatically Switch Between Dark And Light Mode

Android Q Will Automatically Switch Between Dark And Light Mode

According to reports, it has been revealed that the upcoming Android Q will finally be introducing a system-wide dark mode. Now according to a report from Android Police, it seems that a feature in the Android Q beta has been activated in which users will now be able to schedule when dark mode turns on or off.

What this means is that if you’d prefer having Android manage when your dark mode turns on or off, you can now schedule it accordingly. For example, if you tend to use dark mode at night, you can set it so that your phone automatically enables it at night, but disables it in the morning when you wake up.

How To Transfer Files Between Nearby Android Smartphones

How to Transfer Files Between Nearby Android Smartphones

Transferring files between Android devices is a pretty simple task, with a lot of options available to handle it, based on your device’s capabilities and the situation you are in.

In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to seamlessly send and receive files between Android smartphones and tablets. If you are not very familiar with accessing files on Android, we have a quick tutorial that can guide you through this process as well.

Ldp Election May Be A Battle Between Abe, Ishiba

LDP election may be a battle between Abe, Ishiba

Speculation is growing within Japan's main governing Liberal Democratic Party that the September party presidential election will be a battle between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and former party secretary general Shigeru Ishiba.

Former foreign minister Fumio Kishida, who currently heads the LDP Policy Research Council, announced on Tuesday that he will not run in the election and instead support Abe. Kishida cited as reasons the severe damage from the recent rain disaster in western Japan, the North Korea issue and other diplomatic challenges.

Epic Confirms Fortnite Won't Support Cross-play Between Switch & Ps4

Epic Confirms Fortnite Won't Support Cross-Play Between Switch & PS4

As you might have heard, Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch has been announced. As per the announcement, the game will support cross-play meaning that players on different devices will all be able to play together. However it seems that this will include every platform except for Sony's PS4.

TechCrunch has since confirmed with Epic that the PS4 will not be part of the cross-play where in a statement made by the company, "Cross-play and cross progression on Switch work with Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile." This is actually not the first time that Sony has opted not to participate in cross-play.

Microsoft Hoping For Fortnite Cross-platform Play Between Ps4 & Xbox One

Microsoft Hoping For Fortnite Cross-Platform Play Between PS4 & Xbox One

Earlier it was reported that Fortnite Battle Royale would be arriving on mobile devices where it would also allow cross-platform play between mobile gamers, PC gamers, Mac gamers, and PS4 gamers. Microsoft's Xbox One was left out of the list, which like we said isn't surprising given Sony's past reluctance.

However this isn't necessarily a done deal yet. According to The Verge, Microsoft has confirmed to the publication that they are working with Epic Games to enable the functionality in the future. "We have been working closely with the team at Epic Games for some time to bring this functionality to all current and future versions of Fortnite and expect it to be available on Xbox along with other platforms. Microsoft has long been a leading voice in encouraging the adoption of cross-platform play and the potential of connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles."

Between Men And The Gods

Between Men and the GodsHozumi is a doctor and he is friends with manga artist Soeda. They both like Asako who works at a tropical fish shop. Hozumi eventually gives up Asako for his friend Soeda. Soeda and Asako decide to get married, but, after they get married, Soeda dates another woman and abuses Asako. He even pushes Asako to have an affair with Hozumi. Hozumi still has feelings for Asako, but his love changes to hatred.

Eyeglasses Switch Between Near, Distance Vision

Eyeglasses Switch Between Near, Distance Vision

Mitsui Chemicals Inc developed glasses that can switch between near and distance vision just by touching a sensor located near the hinge.

Various frames will be available for the glasses, "TouchFocus," to meet the tastes of users in their 40s and older.