Green Tea Cafes Aim To Revive Interest In Japan's Traditional Beverage

Green tea cafes aim to revive interest in Japan's traditional beverage

With Japan's consumption of green tea in steady decline, a new breed of casual cafe specializing in the traditional brew aims to reverse the trend by introducing customers to a wide variety of brands, as well as unconventional serving methods.

Customers including visitors from overseas and young Japanese are able to learn about green tea and perhaps find a new favorite variety at such cafes.

A Sweet Soy Milk Beverage For Cherry-picking Drinkers

A sweet soy milk beverage for cherry-picking drinkersConsumers can decide if Kikkoman Beverage Co.’s cherry-flavored soy milk drink is the bomb or the pits on Feb. 22.
That is when 200-milliliter paper packs containing 1-percent juice from high-end Satonishiki brand cherries of Yamagata Prefecture will go on sale across Japan, according to Kikkoman Beverage, an affiliate of seasoning giant Kikkoman Corp.