Yanagihara Kanako Announces The Birth Of Her First Child

Yanagihara Kanako announces the birth of her first child

On November 18, talento Yanagihara Kanako (33) announced the birth of her first child. 

Through her agency's official website, she reported, "A healthy baby girl was born. Both myself and baby are healthy." She expressed, "During my pregnancy, I went on maternity leave a little early. Thankfully, I was able to relax and face my mind and body, which overall led to my safe delivery. To people at work who cooperated with me and to everyone who supported me, thank you very much.

Yu Darvish Announces Birth Of Baby Girl

Yu Darvish announces birth of baby girl

On November 13, major league baseball player Yu Darvish (33) announced via Twitter that he and wife, former world wrestling champion Yamamoto Seiko (39), welcomed their baby girl. 

He wrote, "It's a little late, but on November 12 in U.S. time, my first daughter was born! Both mom and baby are healthy. I am thankful.

Takajo Aki Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Takajo Aki gives birth to baby boy

Former AKB48 member Takajo Aki (28), who married professional soccer player Takahashi Yuji (26) in February, gave birth to their first child on November 7. 

Takajo announced on Instagram, "I have an announcement for everybody who always supports me. I have birth to my first baby, a son, on November 7 at 12:25 am." She continued, "Both myself and baby are healthy. I will do my best to build a family full of smiles and fun.

Ai Fukuhara Gives Birth To 2nd Baby

Ai Fukuhara gives birth to 2nd baby

Retired Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara gave birth to her second baby last Wednesday.

Her husband, Taiwanese table tennis player Chiang Hung-chieh, announced the news on Facebook on Monday. He reports that his wife and their baby boy are in good health.

Former Nmb48's Terui Honoka Gives Birth To First Child

Former NMB48's Terui Honoka gives birth to first child

It's been reported that former NMB48 member Terui Honoka gave birth to her first child on January 17th. 

Terui was a fourth generation member of NMB48 and was active from 2012 to 2015. Last July, she announced that she was four months pregnant, and on January 18th, she revealed on Instagram, "A healthy 3,100 gram (6 lb 13 oz) baby boy was born."

Singer Ai Gives Birth To Second Child

Singer AI gives birth to second child

On December 29, singer AI (35) updated her Instagram account announcing the birth of her second child. 

She wrote, "My baby was born without any problems. I am so thankful. It's a baby boy. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!"

Tsuji Nozomi Gives Birth To Her 4th Child

Tsuji Nozomi gives birth to her 4th child

On December 8, actor Sugiura Taiyou's (37) wife, former Morning Musume member Tsuji Nozomi (32) has birth to their fourth child, a 2,655 gram (5 lbs 13 oz) baby boy. 

Both Tsuji and Sugiura made the happy announcement on their official blogs. She expressed, "Once again, I felt how risky and miraculous it is to give birth to a new life. Also, no matter how many times you do it, every birth is different! And no matter how many times I've experienced it, it's painful!"

Kanno Miho Announces The Birth Of Her 2nd Child

Kanno Miho announces the birth of her 2nd child

Actor Sakai Masato's (45) wife, actress Kanno Miho (41) has announced the birth of her second child. 

In the announcement, Kanno wrote, "At this time, our second child, a baby girl has been born. Thanks to everyone, both the baby and I are healthy. I feel irreplaceable joy that a new member has joined our family. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me from the bottom of my heart."

Tsuchiya Anna Gives Birth To Her 4th Child

Tsuchiya Anna gives birth to her 4th child

Model/singer Tsuchiya Anna (34) has announced the birth of her fourth child. 

Tsuchiya wrote on her Twitter and Instagram, "A healthy baby girl was born on November 18, the same birthday as Mickey Mouse. With another member added to our family, it will become more lively, but please continue to support us."

Sasaki Nozomi Gives Birth Of Her First Child

Sasaki Nozomi gives birth of her first child

On September 13, actress Sasaki Nozomi and husband, comedian Watabe Ken announced the birth of their first child. 

The couple made an announcement via their agencies with a handwritten message. "We are covered in emotions that we've never experienced before. We promise to do our best to protect this small life and work even harder," they said.