Acid Black Cherry To Release A Live Album On His Birthday

Acid Black Cherry to release a live album on his birthdayAcid Black Cherry will release a live album called "2015 arena tour L LIVE CD" on January 27th.
Acid Black Cherry is currently in the middle of his live tour "2015 arena tour L". The two-disc live album will include all songs performed during his concert on October 29th at Yokohama Arena. The album's release date, January 27th, also marks yasu's birthday.

From Birthday Suit To Outsize Coat: Stranger’s Gift To Naked Statue

From birthday suit to outsize coat: stranger’s gift to naked statueShe’s usually seen naked as the day her sculptor made her, but a public statue of a young woman here has been treated to a winter coat by a mystery passer-by.
The 80-centimeter-tall statue is not so bold as brass--or should that be bronze?--in her oversized blue children's jacket in front of Yamaha Music Retailing Co.'s store on one of the city's main streets.

Nintendo : Memorial Book Commemorates Super Mario 30th Birthday

Memorial book commemorates Super Mario 30th birthdaySuper Mario has been inspiring us to do good and game more, right since we were curious adolescents. Now, the famous plumber has reached a ripe old age of 30 and there’s no better way to extend our gratitude to him than getting hold of his memorial book. Right since the inception of the game back in 1985, the game has amassed a hoard of fans and loyalists who till this day go about pledging their allegiance and collecting memorabilia.