'blade Jumper' Demonstrates Skills At Para Event

'Blade Jumper' demonstrates skills at Para event

A German long jumper with a blade-type prosthetic leg has demonstrated his skills at an event to mark one year until the opening of the Tokyo Paralympics.

Markus Rehm and other top athletes took part in the event held by the organizers of the 2020 Games in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on Sunday.

Blade Of The Immortal

Blade of the ImmortalManji's (Takuya Kimura) younger sister is killed in front of him. With his wrecked body, he takes revenge for his younger sister. A mysterious woman appears in front of Manji. She gives him eternal youth and immortality.
Rin Asano’s parents are killed by the swordsmen group "Itto ryu” and her parents’ fencing studio is destroyed. To take revenge for her parents' death, she asks Manji to be her guard.

Fujitsu Announces Modular Blade Families In 1finity Platform

Fujitsu Announces Modular Blade Families in 1FINITY PlatformFujitsu, a leading provider of business, information technology, and communications solutions, today unveiled the Fujitsu 1FINITY™ platform consisting of Transport, Lambda, Switch, and Access blades. The 1FINITY platform is a revolutionary packet optical networking solution that incorporates a fully disaggregated architecture to provide significant benefits:

Muramasa Rebirth: Seek The Demon Blade On Sony Ps Vita

Muramasa Rebirth: Seek the Demon Blade on Sony PS VitaMuramasa Rebirth, the action-packed RPG from the developers of Muramasa: The Demon Blade brings the beautiful imagination and art of George Kamitani, creator of Muramasa, to life on PS Vita! In this exclusive trailer, brought first to PlayStation.Blog, we’re showing off the main characters — Momohime and Kisuke — as well as some sweet Demon Blade action!