Japan Bans Boeing 737 Max Flights

Japan bans Boeing 737 Max flights

Japan has temporarily banned all flights of Boeing 737 Max aircraft in the country's airspace.

Japan's decision on Thursday came after the US Federal Aviation Administration ordered the temporary grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, in response to a fatal crash on Sunday of Ethiopian Airlines' 737 Max 8.

Japan Participation In Development And Production Of Boeing 777x Next-generation Large-size Passenger Jet

Japan Participation in Development and Production of Boeing 777X Next-generation Large-size Passenger Jet Japan Aircraft Development Corporation (JADC) and five Japan Aircraft Industries (JAI) – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI); Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI); Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI); ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (SMIC); and NIPPI Corporation (NIPPI) – have signed Memorandum of Agreement for their participation in the project to develop and produce The Boeing Company’s next-generation large-size passenger jet, the Boeing 777X.

Boeing, Airbus Vying To Supply Government's Official Plane

Boeing, Airbus vying to supply government's official planeWith the Boeing 747-400 fleet of All Nippon Airways taken out of service at the end of March, the official government 747s that fly the prime minister and emperor have become the last passenger wide-body jumbo jets flying in Japan.

Sharp Lcds Installed In Boeing 787 Dreamliner Flight Decks

Sharp LCDs Installed in Boeing 787 Dreamliner Flight DecksSharp LCDs are being used in the flight deck of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a state-of-the-art, all-new-commercial airplane.

This is the first LCD for aviation usage to incorporate Advanced Super View LCD, a display technology that Sharp developed for the AQUOS LCD TV. Boasting superior optical characteristics including high contrast, wide viewing angle, and excellent color reproduction, the Advanced Super View LCD gives the pilot and co-pilot, a clear view of vital flight information.