Boiled Kidney With Flavors Of Sichuan Sure To Tempt Taste Buds

Boiled kidney with flavors of Sichuan sure to tempt taste buds

Chinese restaurant Kogetsu, run by Kazuo Yamanaka, stands quietly at Ikenohata near Ueno Park, its structure witness to the transformation of the capital from Edo to Tokyo.

The wooden building, dating to the early Showa Era (1926-1989), used to be an inn opened by Yamanaka's grandfather late in his life. The combination of a vintage building in the old district and authentic Chinese cuisine may give people pause for thought, but it was born out of the chef's strong wish to turn what he loved into a vocation.

Sardines Boiled Down In Salted Water Just Keep On Evolving

Sardines boiled down in salted water just keep on evolvingPreparing every meal from scratch could be toilsome even for those who love to cook. Although cook-ahead dishes are all the rage lately, cooking specialist Yoshiko Tatsumi has advocated the concept of “tenkai ryori” (evolving dishes).
The idea is to prepare a large amount of ingredients, then evolve them into a variety of dishes.

Taros Boiled In Huge Pan In Yamagata Fall Festival Treat

Taros boiled in huge pan in Yamagata fall festival treatIn a hearty taste of fall, thousands of festival-goers feasted on a mouth-watering serving of taros in a soup boiled in a massive 6-meter pan in a riverbed here on Sept. 18.
A total of three tons of locally produced taros were cooked along with 1.2 tons of beef, 3,500 pieces of konjac and 3,500 leeks for about 30,000 people in the Best Imoni Society Festival in Japan. "Imoni" means “boiled taros.”

Boiled White Fish In Soy Sauce

Boiled White Fish in Soy SauceThis is a nitsuke recipe using a white fish fillet. Nitsuke means boiled fish (or vegetables) in soy sauce. You can use any white fish (I bought mine at Costco) to make this recipe. I recommend that you serve it with steamed rice.

Bite Into Spring With Boiled Bamboo Shoot

Bite into spring with boiled bamboo shootThe bamboo shoot is a symbol of spring. Why not enjoy it piping hot at the height of the season? Freshness is the key, and those dug in early morning are especially prized. If you get the tender ones with a fresh green aroma, “You do not need to spend extra time or trouble on cooking,” says chef Kimio Tomura. Ideally, the bamboo shoot should have pale skin and be thickset with a yellowish tip. The nubs at the bottom should be small and pale. Serves six.

Boiled Chicken And Lotus Root Recipe

Boiled Chicken and Lotus Root RecipeNimono is the Japanese word for food that is boiled and seasoned. Tori means chicken and renkon is a lotus root. You can find this in any Asian grocery store.

1 renkon (about 1/2 pound)
1/2 pound thigh chicken (chopped)

Boiled Tofu And Potatoes Recipe

Boiled Tofu and Potatoes RecipeAtsuage is different than Aburaage, which you might have seen in previous recipes. Aburaage is very thin, basically tofu “skin”, but atsuage is very thick, so the inside is soft. Atsuage is good boiled or grilled, then eaten with soy sauce. “Nimono” (boiled and seasoned) is the common way to make it at home.

Boiled Gyoza Dumplings

Boiled gyoza dumplings Today's dish is boiled gyoza dumplings, or "sui-gyoza". The handmade dough offers a rich texture. "If you prefer more chewiness, increase the proportion of strong flour," says chef and restaurant owner Tomoshige Ichikawa.