Empress Michiko's Book Published In Vietnam

Empress Michiko's book published in Vietnam

The Vietnamese edition of a book written by Japan's Empress Michiko has been released.

An event celebrating the publication of the book, "Building Bridges: Reminiscences of Childhood Readings," was held in Hanoi on Saturday, the Empress's 84th birthday.

Morning Musume's Sato Masaki To Release First Photo Book

Morning Musume's Sato Masaki to release first photo book

Morning Musume.'18's Sato Masaki will release her first photo book on October 6.

Sato chose to shoot the photo book in her hometown of Hokkaido. She shows many different expressions at cafes, farms, Japanese gardens, and parks. Its DVD will include a 30-minute footage of the making of the photo book. 

Keyakizaka46's Imaizumi Yui To Release Her First Solo Photo Book

Keyakizaka46's Imaizumi Yui to release her first solo photo book

Keyakizaka46 member Imaizumi Yui will release a solo photo book (currently untitled) on October 3. 

Imaizumi recently announced that she will be graduating from the group. Her first photo book was shot in the suburbs of Napoli, Italy. She commented, "This will be my last work as Keyakizaka46 and my first work as Imaizumi Yui."

Kubota Masataka To Release His First Photo Book

Kubota Masataka to release his first photo book

Actor Kubota Masataka will be releasing his first photo book 'Masayume' on September 2. 

The photo book is a collaboration work with photographer Saito Harumichi, who has been in charge of the actor's calendars. It will feature photos of Kubota from when he was 28 to 30, and it will also include a long interview about his acting career. 

Scandal's Haruna To Release Her First Photo Book On Her 30th Birthday

SCANDAL's HARUNA to release her first photo book on her 30th birthday

SCANDAL member HARUNA (Vo, G) will release her first photo book titled 'SOMEWHERE' on August 10. 

The release date, August 10, marks HARUNA's 30th birthday. The photos in the book were taken by Ono Tsutomu during HARUNA's vacation after SCANDAL's tour. It will also feature a long interview in which she talks about her band, work, and love life. 

Michishige Sayumi To Release A New Photo Book On Her 29th Birthday

Michishige Sayumi to release a new photo book on her 29th birthday

Michishige Sayumi's new photo book "DREAM" will be released on her 29th birthday, July 31. 

After graduating from Morning Musume in November of 2014, Michishige took a short break, then made a comeback in spring of 2017. This marks her first photo book in over three years, and it was self-produced. She used various sets including European-style buildings and forests in Yamanashi, the beach and streets in Los Angeles, and retro hotels. 

Breakerz Akihide's New Album To Come With A 120-page Picture Book

BREAKERZ AKIHIDE's new album to come with a 120-page picture book

BREAKERZ member AKIHIDE (G, Cho) will release a new album titled "Kikaijikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland-" on June 20. 

This will be a concept album that tells "a story of a ghost that was left behind at an abandoned theme park who finds precious memories and a new self." Besides the CD, the album will come with a 120-page picture story book by AKIHIDE. In addition to the book, the limited edition will include a DVD. 

Maison Book Girl To Release A New Single From Pony Canyon

Maison book girl to release a new single from Pony Canyon

Maison book girl will release their new single "elude" from Pony Canyon on June 20. 

The girls made this announcement on May 4 during their one-man live 'Solitude HOTEL 4.9F' at Tokyo Kinema Club. "elude" will three songs "Raincoat to Kubi no Nai Tori," "Okaeri Sayonara," and "Kyoushitsu," along with its instrumental versions. They are also scheduled to hold release events from May to June.

Nmb48's Ichikawa Miori To Release First Photo Book

NMB48's Ichikawa Miori to release first photo book

Ichikawa Miori (NMB48) will release a photo book titled "Naritai no, Watashi." on May 17. 

Ichikawa is scheduled to graduate from NMB48 on May 1 after the group's performance at NMB48 Theater. Fans can look forward to what kind of content will be included in the idol's first photo book. 

Kimura Kaela To Release A Picture Book

Kimura Kaela to release a picture book

Kimura Kaela's first picture book titled "Nemu to Kokoro" will be released on April 22. 

Since her debut, it was Kaela's dream to release a picture book. She's loved picture books since she was young and received inspiration from them while writing her own. "Nemu to Kokoro" is about a young boy named "Nemu-kun" who is always troubled by uncertain feelings until he meets "Kokoro-chan" when he realizes what he needs in his heart. This story is based on her song "BOX" which was included in her album "PUNKY." 

Nogizaka46's Hoshino Minami To Release First Photo Book

Nogizaka46's Hoshino Minami to release first photo book

It's been announced that Nogizaka46 member Hoshino Minami will release her first solo photo book (currently untitled) on April 10. 

The photo book was shot in Portugal. In a video uploaded onto the photo book's official Twitter account (@373_kawaii), Hoshino promotes the book saying, "In the 20 years of my life, I worked on this the hardest. I want everyone to look at it."

Itano Tomomi To Release A New Photo Book And Single

Itano Tomomi to release a new photo book and single

Itano Tomomi will release her photo book "Wanderer" on February 19, then her new single "Just as I am" on February 28. 

On this project, Itano commented, "What I wanted to express through the photo book and single were the same. I challenged myself to various modes of expression such as photos, song, and footage (MV)."

Photoscape / Old Train Just The Ticket For Book-hungry Kids

Photoscape / Old train just the ticket for book-hungry kids

By Tsuyoshi Yoshioka / Yomiuri Shimbun PhotographerAfter school and kindergarten, children gather at a yellow train car resting in the corner of a Tokyo housing complex in the Misumicho area of Higashimurayama, Tokyo. The old Seibu Railway Co. train carriage, which once ran along an important railway line for local residents, is the home of the Kumegawa train library, which mainly targets children.

The carriage, which holds about 5,000 books and is operated by 25 volunteers, is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Noriko Munemura, 46, visited with her second son Taishiro, 6. "He can concentrate on reading here more than at home," she said with a smile. The library also serves as a place for parents and locals to talk and interact.