Rola To Release Her First Recipe Book

Rola to release her first recipe bookModel Rola will release her first recipe book, titled "Rola's Kitchen", on November 30.
For those of you who follow Rola on Instagram, you may have noticed that she regularly shares photos of her homemade dishes. Rola will handpick 54 of her favorite recipes and compile them into a book.

High Schoolers Translate Book On Massacre Of Koreans After Great Kanto Earthquake

High schoolers translate book on massacre of Koreans after Great Kanto EarthquakeA Korean high school student was so moved by a book written by a Japanese author on the massacre of ethnic Koreans after the Great Kanto Earthquake that she enlisted classmates and translated it.
Ok Jae-won, 17, and a handful of her friends at Tokyo Korean School said they wanted to study history and also try to improve relations between South Korea and Japan.

Nintendo : Memorial Book Commemorates Super Mario 30th Birthday

Memorial book commemorates Super Mario 30th birthdaySuper Mario has been inspiring us to do good and game more, right since we were curious adolescents. Now, the famous plumber has reached a ripe old age of 30 and there’s no better way to extend our gratitude to him than getting hold of his memorial book. Right since the inception of the game back in 1985, the game has amassed a hoard of fans and loyalists who till this day go about pledging their allegiance and collecting memorabilia.

Boy's Book About Grandfather's Poignant War Stories Hits Store Shelves

Boy's book about grandfather's poignant war stories hits store shelvesA newly published book of wartime memories of a soldier who was conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army has been drawing a lot of attention here for its candid and unusual format.
The 64-page “Ojiichan, Senso no Hanashi wo Kikasete-kudasai" (Grandpa, tell me about wartime stories), chronicles the World War II experiences of 94-year-old Susumu Yagi, who currently resides in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. The colorfully illustrated book takes form as a dialogue between grandfather and grandson.

Maison Book Girl To Release An Album In September

Maison book girl to release an album in SeptemberMaison book girl will release a new album, titled "bath room", on September 23.
The track list will consist of 9 songs including "snow irony", "Saigo no You na Kanojo no Kyoku", and "Remove". In addition to the album announcement, a new artist photo was revealed. The new outfits that the members are wearing were designed by Hachi (BALMUNG) and Rei Nakanishi.

Chiba Geisha's Self-published Book On Her Disappearing Profession A Sellout

Chiba geisha's self-published book on her disappearing profession a selloutDespite being self-published, a book passing down the history and traditions of the last of the prefecture's geisha that remain here has sold out all 500 copies in only a month.
"Kisarazu Kagai Tsurezure" (Tedium of the Kisarazu geisha district), was written by Kiyoe Nozaki, who entered the profession through her mother’s geisha house at the age of 15. She is a master of "nagauta" traditional singing, who goes by the stage name Kineya Satofuku.

American Ramen Fanatic Publishes Book Of Tokyo's Top Noodle Joints

American ramen fanatic publishes book of Tokyo's top noodle jointsAn American expat has reached a milestone in his quest for the perfect ramen dish by publishing a guidebook featuring reviews of his top 50 noodle shops in Tokyo.
Brian MacDuckston, a 37-year-old English teacher from San Francisco, first came to Japan in June 2006 and has since devoured the popular Japanese dish in more than 1,000 ramen joints across the nation.

Suzuki : 2014 World Endurance Book On Sale

Suzuki : 2014 World Endurance Book On SaleThe latest 2014 Endurance Season Review book by renowned French photographer David Reygondeau is now on sale.
The large-format hard-back 176-page publication is packed with all the best imagery from this year’s series along with information and facts on all the major teams and riders, including 13-time World Champions Suzuki Endurance Racing Team and World Superstock Champions Junior Team LMS.

Honda Civic Type R Order Book Opens Dec 2014

2014 Paris Motor Show : Honda Civic Type R ConceptHonda enthusiasts in the U.K. can now put a deposit down for the new Civic Type R.
The all-new hot hatch will launch in the U.K. next year and the Japanese automaker is expecting “unprecedented demand,” allowing customers to place an order with a £3,000 deposit to secure a spot at the front of the line.

Tdk Service For Design Engineers : New Data Book For Epcos Emc Filters

TDK Service for design engineers : New data book for EPCOS EMC filtersTDK Corporation presents the new completely revised data book for EPCOS EMC filters 2014. It covers the comprehensive range of filter solutions for applications in industrial electronics, telecommunications and data technology. Frequency converter solutions are treated in particular detail; they make use mainly of power chokes, output chokes and filters.