10-day Break Sets Records At Narita

10-day break sets records at Narita

Record numbers of travelers came through Narita Airport during the 10-day holiday period that began late April.

Officials at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau say more than 1.09 million people used the airport for international flights between April 26 and May 6, a 13.9% increase from the same period last year.

Nissan, Renault Break Up The Ghosn-style Almighty Chairmanship

Nissan, Renault break up the Ghosn-style almighty chairmanship

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Japan's Nissan Motor and France's Renault said they would retool the world's top car-making alliance to put themselves on more equal footing, breaking up the all-powerful chairmanship previously wielded by ousted boss Carlos Ghosn. The removal of Ghosn, credited for rescuing Nissan from near-bankruptcy in 1999, had caused much uncertainty about the future of the alliance and some speculation the partnership could even unravel. The companies, together with junior ally Mitsubishi Motors, on Tuesday said the chairman of Renault would serve as the head of the alliance but — in a critical sign of the rebalancing — not as chairman of Nissan.

"This is a very special day for the alliance," Renault SA's chairman, Jean-Dominique Senard, told reporters after a meeting at Nissan's Yokohama headquarters. He spoke to reporters along with Renault's chief executive, Thierry Bollore; Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa; and Osamu Masuko, CEO of the smaller Japanese alliance partner Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

Koizumi Kyoko To Take A Break From Acting

Koizumi Kyoko to take a break from acting

On June 15, actress Koizumi Kyoko announced that she would temporarily take a break from acting to focus on her work as a producer. 

In an entry titled "An announcement from Koizumi Kyoko," the actress restated, "As of February 1, 2018, I have gone independent from Buring Production." She continued to explain, "The work I accepted before going independent are in the hands of Mitsuya Agency. I will be taking a break from my other work [acting, etc.] for the time being."

Why U.s. Car Makers Can't Get A Break In Japan

Why U.S. Car Makers Can’t Get A Break In Japan

The Japanese car market has proven to be a really tough place for U.S. manufacturers, who have claimed that protectionist policies keep them out of the third largest car market in the world but the reality is more complicated than that.

Japanese brands account for 90 percent of the domestic car market in Japan and a big role in this is due to the special relationship between the customer and the dealer. Japanese buyers are used to having a much closer relationship with the dealer compared to the Western standards.

Flower's Fujii Shuka To Take A Break Due To Cervical Herniated Disc

Flower's Fujii Shuka to take a break due to cervical herniated disc

Fujii Shuka of Flower and ShuuKaRen will be taking a break due to a cervical herniated disc. 

On the group's official website, Fujii revealed that symptoms first appeared about three years ago and had not been able to perform as she wished since E.G.family's live event "E-girls LIVE 2017 ~E.G.EVOLUTION~" in July. As she was experiencing neck pain and numbness in her upper left arm, she went to see a doctor who found that she had a slipped disc between her fourth and fifth cervical spine. She is currently undergoing treatment for her condition. 

Thousands Dress Up As Where's Wally To Break World Record

Thousands dress up as Where's Wally to break world record

SASEBO, Nagasaki Prefecture--Thousands of people dressed up as the Where's Wally character here Oct. 8 to break the Guinness World Records entry for the most "Wallys" in one location.

Officials were on hand to count 4,626 "Wallys" at the Dutch-themed Huis Ten Bosch theme park, which exceeded the previous record of 3,872, set in Ireland in 2011.

Kddi And Samsung Break Track Record In High-speed 5g Mobility Test

KDDI and Samsung Break Track Record in High-Speed 5G Mobility Test - FareastgizmosKDDI and Samsung today announced the completion of a comprehensive set of 5G tests which demonstrate the viability and performance of 5G millimeter wave mobility solutions at speeds over 190km per hour which is the fastest record in the world. In addition, KDDI and Samsung also demonstrated a successful handover scenario, with Samsung's 5G device attaching to the 5G base station as it approached the service area, and successfully being handed over to the target cell at a speed of 192km per hour (GPS speed).

The demonstration, which took place at Everland SPEEDWAY in Korea, involved a battery of individual tests to examine the performance of Samsung's end-to-end 5G mmWave technology. Specifically, as a vehicle accelerated from 0 to 205km per hour on the race track between multiple 5G base stations, the test measured and evaluated a variety of metrics, including handover interruption time, uplink and downlink throughput stability, and latency stability (or "jitter").
In February of this year, Samsung and KDDI successfully demonstrated 5G handover capability in an urban city environment at speeds of up to 60km/h on public roads. Both companies are in discussion with 5G trials for multiple 5G service cases. The successful results highlight the potential and capability of 5G to support a wide variety of future service scenarios.
One of the most exciting prospects of 5G technology is the potential for new and highly specialized service scenarios that go beyond traditional smart device connectivity. 5G's ability to deliver on this promise is directly tied to its ability to meet the unique performance needs of a wide number of increasingly-connected industries, from Smart City IoT to Connected Cars and more.

Swimmer Watanabe Reveals Lower Body Training Helped Him Break World Record

Swimmer Watanabe reveals lower body training helped him break world recordSuper swimmer Ippei Watanabe -- who smashed the 200-meter breaststroke world record in Tokyo on Jan. 29 -- has revealed that improved lower body strength was a key factor behind breaking the world record.
The 19-year-old swimmer, who managed to chalk up an unprecedented time of 2 minutes and 6.67 seconds during the Kosuke Kitajima Cup at Tatsumi International Swimming Center in Tokyo, decided to work on his lower body strength following the 2016 Rio Olympics.