Mitag To Bring Heavy Rains To Kyushu, Shikoku

Mitag to bring heavy rains to Kyushu, Shikoku

Severe tropical storm Mitag is moving northward over the East China Sea and is expected to approach the Korean Peninsula.

Humid air from the storm will cause heavy localized rains accompanied by lightning in the northern Kyushu and Shikoku regions through Thursday.

Typhoon Lingling May Bring Heavy Rainfall To Japan

Typhoon Lingling may bring heavy rainfall to Japan

Typhoon Lingling may bring heavy rains to wide areas of western Japan. Weather officials are advising people to be on the alert for possible disasters.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said on early Saturday morning that the typhoon was close to the Korean Peninsula after travelling west of Japan's Kyushu region.

Typhoon May Bring Downpours To Pacific Coasts

Typhoon may bring downpours to Pacific coasts

Japan's Meteorological Agency says a strong typhoon may bring downpours to Pacific coastal areas of western and eastern Japan.

The agency says Typhoon Lingling is currently north of Okinawa Prefecture. The inflow of damp air is producing unstable atmospheric conditions over a wide area.

Krosa To Bring Heavy Rain To Northern Japan

Krosa to bring heavy rain to northern Japan

Tropical storm Krosa is expected to bring heavy rain to northern Japan through Saturday. Officials are warning of landslides, strong winds, high waves and swollen rivers.

The Meteorological Agency says Krosa was 400 kilometers northwest of the city of Sado in Niigata Prefecture at noon on Friday.

Tropical Storm Nari May Bring Heavy Rain

Tropical Storm Nari may bring heavy rain

Japanese weather officials say a tropical storm may bring heavy rain to Pacific coastal areas of Japan from Saturday through Sunday. They are warning people to be on the alert for possible landslides and floods.

The Meteorological Agency says Tropical Storm Nari was over waters south of Japan as of Friday morning and is moving north-northwest at 20 kilometers per hour.

Tropical Depression Could Bring Strong Rain

Tropical depression could bring strong rain

A tropical depression approaching Japan's main islands from the south could bring heavy rain over much of the country.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says rain clouds have developed over the western island of Shikoku as warm, moist air flowed in toward a front lying across the country.

Waymo To Bring Self-driving Cars To France And Japan With Nissan-renault

Waymo To Bring Self-Driving Cars To France And Japan With Nissan-Renault

Waymo, Nissan, and Renault have teamed up to bring self-driving cars to France and Japan, the companies announced today. They have inked an exclusive agreement to explore all aspects of driverless mobility services for both passengers and deliveries in these countries. The announcement is a little light on details about any concrete plans to launch self-driving taxi services, for example.

It appears to be an arrangement similar to the ones that Waymo has announced with other car manufacturers. That’s probably why the wording in this announcement is somewhat vague as well.

Android R Might Finally Bring Scrolling Screenshots

Android R Might Finally Bring Scrolling Screenshots

Following reports that the next major iteration of Android OS won’t have support for scrolling screenshots, it appears that this feature has been added to the docket for the one after that. Scrolling screenshots were recently marked as “infeasible” in the Android issue tracker but that decision has now been overruled, paving the way for stock Android to have this feature as well.

The scrolling screenshot feature is quite handy when you’re trying to screenshot all of the content on a page since it can capture more than just one full screen. The screenshot simply scrolls down and captures additional content. OEMs like Samsung have already built this functionality into their custom Android skins. Unfortunately, scrolling screenshots have never been a native Android feature.

Latest Lineageos Release Will Bring Android 9.0 To Older Devices

Latest LineageOS Release Will Bring Android 9.0 To Older Devices

As much as many of us would like to have the latest and greatest smartphone technology, the increasing cost of smartphones these days means that even upgrading every other year is still a bit too pricey to do so. This means that there are many out there who are probably holding onto much older devices.

The good news is that if you own an older Android device and your manufacturer has pretty much thrown in the towel on providing updates, you’ll be pleased to learn that LineageOS could help fill that gap. This is because the team behind LineageOS has recently released the latest version of their ROM where it will now pretty much bring Android 9.0 Pie to older devices dating as far back to 2014.