A New Japanese Marketplace Opens In Brooklyn

A New Japanese Marketplace Opens in Brooklyn

Japan Village can claim the title of food anchor for the collection of enterprises that have settled into the Industry City development in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It's a combination marketplace for food products and group of mostly casual dining spots spread over 20,000 square feet. Japan Village's koi logo is splashed, graffiti-like over the outside of the building facing Third Avenue. Tony Yoshida--who owns the Sunrise Mart Japanese markets and the Michelin-starred Kyo Ya kaiseki restaurant in the East Village, its spinoff Autre Kyo Ya, and other spots, with his son, Takuya, and daughter, Erina--has created this one-stop Japanese culinary destination. You may not need to schlep to Sunset Park for another bowl of ramen, but you just might be drawn first to gawk, then to munch on a bowl of katsu-don or a takoyaki octopus balls before buying freshly made tofu and yuba, sliced lotus root, some imported Japanese Wagyu or a gift-worthy bottle of Japanese whiskey to take home.


Interview: Shonen Knife @sunnyvale, Brooklyn

INTERVIEW: Shonen Knife @Sunnyvale, Brooklyn

It was the warmest NYC night of the past few weeks. Not even close to the door time, long lines of Mohawk-hairstyle punks and innocent-looking college age kids have already formed alongside the dark-red brick wall of Sunnyvale. Even though the people here seem to have no visible intersection points with each other’s lives, everyone is waiting together for a show from Shonen Knife, one of the most significant girl rock bands in the world.

After being greeted by the band’s tour manager, I was led backstage to where the girls were hanging out before the start of the show. They seemed incredibly nice, easy to talk to, and even a little shy. I first asked what it is that has kept them going forward for 36 years, apparently not something that this band had been thinking of at all. Naoko, guitarist and lead singer, one of the original members of the band, told me she hadn’t even realized they have come this far. “All of a sudden”, she said,”we are already here.”. They never thought about what it meant to be a band. Why does it matter after all? They have played for this long, had a lot of fun, and are just not yet ready to move onto anything else.

Brooklyn Chef Carlo Mirarchi Heats Up Lexus Culinary Masters Team

Brooklyn Chef Carlo Mirarchi Heats Up Lexus Culinary Masters TeamAdding a dynamic epicurean partner to its roster, Lexus has announced Chef Carlo Mirarchi as the 10th Lexus Culinary Master. Nearly 200 attendees gathered last night at Roberta’s restaurant in Brooklyn for the latest installation of “Cooking with Friends: Lexus Culinary Masters,” a unique dinner series that launched in September 2013 at Animal restaurant in Los Angeles. Visiting Lexus Culinary Masters Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (L.A.’s Animal and Son of a Gun) helped celebrate Mirarchi’s addition to the lineup and worked alongside their good friend to create the menu for this urban garden party.