New School Building Opens In Quake-hit Kesennuma

New school building opens in quake-hit Kesennuma

High school students in Kesennuma City, northern Japan, have celebrated the completion of a new school building 7-and-half years after the previous one was destroyed by the 2011 tsunami.

About 450 people, including teachers and residents, attended the opening ceremony on Friday at Kesennuma Koyo High School.

Building Site Fire In Tokyo Suburb Kills 5

Building site fire in Tokyo suburb kills 5

A fire at a construction site in a Tokyo suburb has left 5 men dead. About 40 people were injured, half of them seriously.

The fire broke out on Thursday afternoon in a 3-story building being built in Tama City. The building also has 3 basement floors. More than 300 people were working there at the time.

2 Dead In Fire At Building Site In Suburban Tokyo

2 dead in fire at building site in suburban Tokyo

Tokyo police say a fire at a building site in Tama City has killed 2 people. Two others are showing no vital signs.

Earlier, the Tokyo Fire Department said about 40 people were injured, including construction workers, around 20 seriously.

Radiation Still Too High In Reactor Building

Radiation still too high in reactor building

A robotic probe has found that radiation levels remain too high for humans to work inside one of the reactor buildings at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operator of the plant, plans to relocate 615 units of nuclear fuel from the spent fuel pool, which is located on the top floor of the No. 2 reactor building and is separate from the reactor itself.

Observatory Opens On Rooftop Of Shibuya 109 Fashion Building

Observatory opens on rooftop of Shibuya 109 fashion building

With the 109 Men's commercial complex's full facelift under way, the famed fashion building in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward has opened some of its newly renovated facilities.

One of the highlights, unveiled on April 28 to mark the "Day of Shibuya," is a rooftop observatory overlooking the iconic scramble crossing.

Toyota's Building A Dedicated Autonomous Vehicle Test Track In Michigan

Toyota's Building A Dedicated Autonomous Vehicle Test Track In MichiganThere’s a slew of automakers and other transportation technology companies out there testing their autonomous prototypes on open roads. But Toyota, for one, says that some of that testing is too dangerous to carry out on public streets, what with other motorists, pedestrians and such. So it’s building a special test facility just for the purpose.

Lexus Building Just 650 Black Line Rc Coupes

Lexus building just 650 Black Line RC coupes

Lexus has yet another limited edition line of cars on the way, following up on its special RC F and GS F models. The new edition is the RC F Sport Black Line, and it's actually not available on the V8 RC F. It's only for the turbocharged four-cylinder RC 300 and naturally aspirated V6 RC 350.

What the package adds is either gloss black or silver paint accented by black chrome trim on the grille and windows rather than the standard shiny silver chrome. Other exterior details include matte black wheels and brake calipers in either orange or black. The black and orange theme continues inside, where orange stitching stands out against a black interior. The steering wheel is unique to the special edition and has black-stained wood trim.

Toyota Building $2.8b R&d Center With A Nurburgring Doppelganger

Toyota building $2.8B R&D center with a Nurburgring Doppelganger

According to a story in the Nikkei Asian Review, Toyota has spent more than $21.7 billion in just the past year on research and development, a 40 percent jump on that outlay in five years. With that kind of spending, and huge plans for the switch into alternative fuels and mobility, Toyota engineers need a new playground. That's on the way, with the carmaker having purchased a 1,600-acre site in its home prefecture in Japan where it will build 11 kinds of test tracks, one of those tracks a partial re-creation of Germany's Nürburgring.

The 'Ring section will run 3.3 miles long, designed to punish vehicles at speed in order to test steering, braking stability and how a car holds up. Although less than one-fourth the length of the 12.9-mile Nürburgring, those 3.3 miles "will include mountainous roads with many curves, and an altitude gap of some 75 meters [246 feet] between high and low points." The hub will focus on future vehicles, so other tracks and facilities there will evaluate the range of alt-fuel offerings planned, as well as global regulatory compliance and global consumer needs.

Toyota's Considering Building An Fj Cruiser Replacement

Toyota’s Considering Building An FJ Cruiser Replacement Toyota disappointed its most hard-core off-roading fans and customers when it pulled the FJ Cruiser in 2014, and ceased production altogether last year. But it could introduce a new model to take its place in the near future.

"There's room for an authentic small off-road SUV," Toyota Motor North America CEO Jim Lentz told Motor Trend at the Detroit Auto Show this week. "Everyone moved out of that segment because of truck CAFE ratings. But we're getting a lot of requests from folks who want another FJ or some variant."

Traditional 'rokaku' Building Set Up For Art Fest In Ueno Park

Traditional 'rokaku' building set up for art fest in Ueno Park

A traditional "rokaku" lofty, multistory building has emerged from a pond at Ueno Park in Tokyo, offering visitors a nighttime illuminated spectacle and a bit of history.

Shinji Omaki, a professor of contemporary art at the Tokyo University of the Arts, built the structure, which imitates the gate of Kaneiji temple depicted in "ukiyo-e" woodblock prints.