Fca's Uconnect 5 Is Faster, Built On Android

FCA's Uconnect 5 is faster, built on Android

If you're a regular reader of Autoblog, you know that for a long time we've liked Fiat Chrysler's Uconnect infotainment system for its bright, clear, responsive touchscreen interface. Now, according to the company, it will be better than ever with Uconnect 5, the latest iteration of the system. It has upgraded hardware and a revamped graphic user interface (the stuff on the screen). Looking at sample screens shown above, there are characteristics shared with the old system, such as the time, status and shortcuts at the top and the menu icons at the bottom. In the middle, the major change is the addition of home screens that can be customized with favorite menus and readouts that are always available. Each of these home screens can have up to four functions and you can have five pages to flip through. The graphics themselves feature more legible fonts and updated icons. Each car brand will get its own set of icons, colors and textures to help create unique experiences. And while each Fiat Chrysler product will be able to have Uconnect, including Alfa Romeo that has until now lacked Uconnect, each brand has the ability to make small tweaks including the screen orientation. The system will support displays in landscape, portrait or square, so different brands may choose different shapes. Powering Uconnect 5 is a processor Fiat Chrysler says is six times more powerful than what's in current systems. It features 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. The processor also supports screens as large as 12.3 inches with as many as 15 million pixels, or nearly twice that of a 4K resolution TV. The system can display information on up to four screens, too. Uconnect 5's firmware is built on Google's Android operating system, joining a few other automakers in using Android as a base for their infotainment systems. Uconnect 5 brings with it a number of new features. It brings full Alexa integration, so you can use it just like you do at home, provided you have a data plan for the car. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto continue to be standard, but now they can be used wirelessly. You can also now connect two phones via Bluetooth wirelessly so you can access content from both. Navigation gets real time information and updates from TomTom. Users can create five profiles with unique climate, radio and instrument settings, plus one for a valet. Also, the voice control system has been updated and will respond similarly to how you speak to Alexa, Siri and other voice assistants. Uconnect 5 will be available later this year. Fiat Chrysler hasn't officially said which cars will get the system first, but expect it to become equipment on virtually every product from the company.  

Lexus' Concept Electric Car Comes With A Built-in Drone

Lexus' Concept Electric Car Comes With A Built-In Drone

Right now the majority of electric cars look and feel like a regular gas-powered car. However, Lexus has recently taken the wraps off their concept electric car, known as the LF-30, and if this is what the future of electric cars could look like, then you can definitely count us in as being extremely interested.

Given that this is a concept vehicle, design-wise we suppose it’s fair that Lexus went to town on it and gave it a pretty extreme look. We’re talking about sharp edges and gull-wing doors that helps to create that futuristic, but potentially achievable look. It even comes with a glass roof so that the car will be able to let in sunlight naturally.

Sony A7s Iii Could Come With A Built-in Cooling Fan

Sony A7S III Could Come With A Built-In Cooling Fan

Computers can get hot when you do a lot of heavy processing on it. The same can be said about phones, but did you know that cameras can run hot too? If you’re a casual photographer, this might not be a problem you run into, but if you do shoot quite heavily, then there might be times when your camera could overheat and you’d be forced to turn it off and let it cool down.

For working professionals who need their cameras to be continuously operating, this can be an issue, but Sony could have a solution to that. According to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, they have been tipped off by a reliable source who allegedly saw a prototype of the Sony A7S III. From what they were told, this prototype had an interesting feature in which is apparently comes with a cooling vent on the back.

Japan's Tallest Skyscraper To Be Built In Tokyo

Japan's tallest skyscraper to be built in Tokyo

A Japanese real estate developer says it will build Japan's tallest skyscraper in central Tokyo.

Mori Building executives say the 64-story main tower of the Toranomon-Azabudai redevelopment project in Minato Ward will be about 330 meters tall.

Here's A G63 Amg Replica Built Out Of A Suzuki Jimny - Autoblog

Here's a G63 AMG replica built out of a Suzuki Jimny - Autoblog

When the current generation Suzuki Jimny was first unveiled, parallels were quickly drawn between the Jimny's blocky shape and the design of the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class that's been with us for four decades. Aftermarket shops have since taken advantage of the perceived similarity of the two vehicles, and by swapping some exterior components, it's possible to make the Jimny look like a tiny version of the G-Class. Here's an attempt by a Dubai outfit. Fast Car Service has taken a Jimny and grafted on bespoke parts to make it look like a really, really small G63 AMG. There's a lot of new stuff on the front end, including the engine cover with fender-top G-Class indicators next to it, a custom bumper and grille, and a bull bar for very small bulls. The headlights are said to be not from the G-Class, but a Wrangler instead – still, they do a lot for the look, as do the wide arches and the side trim that takes after the Benz. Round the back, the bumper-mounted taillights have also received a G-Class shape. And get this – there are side pipes for the 1.5-liter four-banger. Fast Car Service charges $12,250 for the Geländerization of the Jimny, including custom paint, which is roughly half the price of the base car. You could also probably spend the money dressing up an original early-‘80s 240 GD and making it look like a newer AMG version, but for some reason this seems like a better idea instead. Check out Arab GT's video embedded above. Remember to select subtitles!

Acura Tlc Pmc Hand-built Edition Priced Over $50,000, Deliveries Begin - Autoblog

Acura TLC PMC hand-built edition priced over $50,000, deliveries begin - Autoblog

Acura unveiled the 2020 TLX PMC Edition sedan at this year's New York Auto Show along with the MDX PMC Edition Prototype. Both models adopt the same hand-finished build processes employed at Honda's Performance Manufacturing Center to create the Acura NSX. In the case of the sedan, that means a body-in-white pulled off the line at Honda's Marysville plant so that PMC technicians can install the interior, drivetrain, suspension, wiring harnesses, and electronics. After that, the TLX PMC undergoes the same quality control checks conducted on the NSX, including a dyno run and water leak test. The price: $50,945, which includes $1,995 for handling and destination. In addition to the craftsmanship, the sedan combines two options that normally cannot be combined, the A-Spec and Advance Packages. They install the 290-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, the A-Spec's stiffer dampers and quicker steering ratio, plus sharper exterior components like the restyled bumper, larger exhaust tips, and gloss black roof panel. Comfort features include heated and ventilated front sport seats, leather and Alcantara seating, black leather steering wheel, black headliner, surround-view camera, heated rear seats, and Acura's 10-speaker ELS Studio audio system. Cosmetic go-fast changes are seen in the red instrument cluster and red accent lighting. The whole package gets drenched in Valencia Red Pearl paint formerly exclusive to the NSX but making one special appearance here, the crimson infused with mica, metal flake and "nano pigments" for keener color. Black, 10-spoke, 19-inch wheels anchor the sedan to the road. The U.S. will see just 360 examples of the TLX PMC, each one numbered with a plaque on the dash. Deliveries to dealers begin this month — each sedan transported in a single-car carrier. The entire production run is scheduled to take six months, after which we're told Acura will begin working on the MDX PMC.

Toyota Built An Avalon Trd Drift Car With A Handbrake

Toyota built an Avalon TRD drift car with a handbrake

The manual gear shifter isn't the only stick that's been disappearing from automobiles. With the market-wide adoption of the electronic parking brake, manual handbrakes have largely become part of history, as well. Toyota recently revived the handbrake, however, in an unexpected custom car built to drift – or, more accurately, slide.

Toyota team member and paralympic track and field athlete Jarryd Wallace wanted to create a surprise experience for his dad Jeff Wallace for Father's Day. Wallace settled on bringing pops to the track and sending him out for a hot lap with drifting specialist Ken Gushi. In an interesting twist, the chosen car was not a rear-wheel drive Supra or 86. Instead, it was a front-wheel drive Avalon TRD.