Nissan Launches Subscription Service, But It's Only For Houston

Nissan launches subscription service, but it's only for Houston

Nissan is going to try its hand in the car subscription game. Similar to other manufacturer's subscription efforts, Nissan's is also extremely limited in scope. If you live within 20 miles of the South Main neighborhood of Houston, this service is open for business, according to Nissan's press release. That covers a decent chunk of the greater Houston area, but certainly not all of it.

There are two tiers to choose from if you do want to subscribe to Nissans. The first tier costs $699/month, and allows access to the Altima, Rogue, Pathfinder and Frontier. Now, we know what you're thinking: $699/month for a Rogue? There's more to it. Nissan covers insurance, roadside assistance, regular maintenance, cleaning and delivery. The best part of the service is that Nissan allows for unlimited switching between vehicles, so you can swap every single day if you so desire. Still, it's not cheap, and all of those vehicles can be leased for much lower monthly rates — you're just on the hook for all the typical costs of ownership. We'll also note the $495 "membership activation" fee that you'll have to pay at the start, adding even more to the cost.

Doctor: Symptoms Mild, But Caution Needed

Doctor: Symptoms mild, but caution needed

A doctor who treated people infected with the new coronavirus says symptoms are relatively mild but measures should be taken to protect vulnerable people.

Satoshi Kutsuna of Japan's National Center for Global Health and Medicine spoke to NHK about his experience treating five patients.