Buy It! Japan's Best Kept Secret

Buy It! Japan's Best Kept Secret

The Datsun Roadster is the British sports car that Britain couldn’t make. 

Built right before the famed 240z, the Datsun Roadster is the Japan-built beauty that gave every British marque a run for their money. Impeccably reliable and fast, they were raced for many years in Japan throughout their entire production run (1963-1970) in the Japanese Grand Prix, where it won many times.

Travel Light, Explore And Buy More: Foreign Tourists Targeted

Travel light, explore and buy more: Foreign tourists targeted

The coin lockers are full, and the weary foreign visitor has no choice but to lug heavy suitcases across town while catching up on last-minute shopping.

It's an all-too-common sight. But help is at hand as new services come into play that are intended to make life easier for tourists, with the expectation they will spend more on souvenirs--thereby generating revenue--if they are not encumbered with luggage.

Should You Buy A Used Toyota Tacoma?

Should You Buy a Used Toyota Tacoma?

The Tacoma has been around for some 25 years and Toyota has been in the small truck business for more than 40, so it’s no surprise the Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular midsize pickups on the road. The Tacoma is at the core of a fiercely loyal and passionate enthusiast community that has many repeat owners.

Mclaren Planning To Buy Ferrari Engines Next Season?

McLaren Planning To Buy Ferrari Engines Next Season?

McLaren has just about reached the point of desperation by now. One of the most victorious teams in F1 history, it hasn't won a race or even landed on the podium once in the past three seasons. And all signs point to it being Honda's fault.

That's why the team has been rumored to be considering other options for next season, and this latest report has really caught our attention.

Best Buy To Restock Possible Last Batch Of Nes Classic Editions Today

Best Buy To Restock Possible Last Batch Of NES Classic Editions Today

As if it wasn't hard enough for gamers to get their hands on the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo probably did no one any favors when they announced that they'd be discontinuing the console. This has resulted in a massive spike in prices on eBay, driving the price beyond what many would consider to be reasonable.

Now if you'd rather not fork out hundreds of dollars for a console that only costs $60, you might want to try your luck at Best Buy. This is because the retailer has announced that they will be restocking the console today. However we should point out that the consoles will only be available in stores and not online, so you'll have to make a trip down to your local Best Buy if you want to get your hands on it.

Buy A 2016 Mazda Mx-5 And Save Up To $2,000

Buy A 2016 Mazda MX-5 And Save Up To $2,000

Prospective Mazda MX-5 owners in the U.S. will be rejoicing following news that the company is offering up to $2,000 off for last year’s model.

Cars Direct has discovered that from April 4, Mazda started offering a $1,500 bonus for 2016 examples of rear-wheel drive sports car in a number of western states including California. Alongside this bonus, there is the potential for current Mazda owners to save a further $500 thanks to a special loyalty bonus.

Toyota 86 860 Is A More Expensive Way To Buy A Brz Limited

Toyota 86 860 is a more expensive way to buy a BRZ LimitedOne thing that the Toyota 86 range lacks is comfort amenities like heated seats and automatic climate control, which are offered on its Subaru BRZ (near-)twin. It's also missing racing stripes. All of these things are solved with the new Toyota 86 860 edition, which adds features and decals. It comes with extra cost, though, and it's enough to make its Subaru twin pretty tempting.

Buy A 7-second Nissan Gt-r From Ams

Buy A 7-Second Nissan GT-R From AMSNissan may have originally designed the GT-R as the ultimate street legal track car, but in the years since its launch, it has also become particularly popular in drag racing circles.
With its combination of a truly ferocious all-wheel drive system, quick-shifting transmission and an easily customizable engine, modified GT-Rs are among the quickest cars on the planet. Now you can own one, at a price.

10.7% Of Gamers In Japan Plan To Buy The Nintendo Switch

10.7% Of Gamers In Japan Plan To Buy The Nintendo SwitchHere’s a question for you guys: how many of you are planning on picking up the Nintendo Switch upon its release? Do let us know in the comments below! That being said, in the meantime a new survey carried out in Japan has revealed some interesting statistics which we’re not sure if it bodes well for the company.

Subaru Will Let You Buy The New Impreza Online

Subaru will let you buy the new Impreza onlineSubaru Australia’s importer Inchcape is experimenting with the very foundation of its business model, outlining a bold plan to sell the sharper new Impreza online and through a series of new transactional shopping centre stores and pop-up sites.

Buy Nes Classic Edition From Best Buy Starting December 20th

Buy NES Classic Edition From Best Buy Starting December 20thEven though Nintendo has sold close to 200,000 NES Classic Edition mini-consoles in the United States over the past couple of months, demand for this product still exists. It’s one of the most sought after products this holiday season and Nintendo continues to provide more inventory through brick-and-mortar as well as online retailers. Those who have been waiting to get their hands on one will be able to buy NES Classic Edition from Best Buy starting December 20th.

2017 Honda Civic Named "overall Best Buy Of The Year" By Experts At Kelley Blue Book

2017 Honda Civic Named "Overall Best Buy of the Year" by Experts at Kelley Blue BookThe 2017 Honda Civic took home the prestigious 2017 Kelley Blue Book Overall Best Buy Award earning top praise from the expert team of editors and evaluators at This is the second consecutive win for the Civic, with the 2017 Accord earning first place in the Mid-Size car category and the 2017 Pilot taking first place for the Mid-Size SUV/Crossover category.

Nissan Leaf Group Buy In Montreal Grows To 2,800 People

Nissan Leaf group buy in Montreal grows to 2,800 peopleOne EV fanatic in Montreal is gathering like-minded car shoppers in what is turning into a huge group-purchase of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. Bruno Marcoux is recruiting folks via SurveyMonkey to join in on a massive purchase of EVs from Montreal's Nissan Gabriel Jean-Talon dealership. Today, Marcoux's Facebook page says 2,788 people had signed up, up from about 2,100 yesterday (Marcoux has been offering a play-by-play on Facebook, albeit in French).