Onion, Cabbage Add Secret Flavor To Spaghetti In Chicken Broth

Onion, cabbage add secret flavor to spaghetti in chicken broth

Kitchen Miki, a Western-food restaurant in Tokyo's Waseda district, is located near Waseda University and attracts many of its students.

When it was pointed out that the restaurant sits in a good location, Yasuyuki Yamauchi, the second-generation owner, said, "It may seem so but things are not that easy."

Pickled Chinese Cabbage, A Daily Treat To Keep You Going All Winter

Pickled Chinese cabbage, a daily treat to keep you going all winterCooking expert Yoshiharu Doi advocates a simple style of eating: a bowl of rice, miso soup with a heap of ingredients, plus pickled vegetables such as Chinese cabbage.
“At home, when we serve rice balls, miso soup and pickled vegetables to our guests, they eat lots of them, commenting how tasty they are,” he says happily.

Pork And Cabbage Gyozas

Pork and cabbage gyozasIngredients
250g minced pork
2 cups finely shredded wombok
1/2 cup finely chopped garlic chives, plus extra to serve
2 teaspoons finely grated ginger
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tablespoon sake
1 tablespoon tamari
2 teaspoons sesame oil
275g pkt (30) gow gee wrappers
2 teaspoons peanut oil
1/2 cup (125ml) water

Braised Cabbage, The Simple Side Dish That Makes For Repeat Eating

Braised cabbage, the simple side dish that makes for repeat eatingAt the ripe age of 91, Yoshiko Tatsumi is active as a cooking specialist, still putting to good use the training she received from her mother, Hamako Tatsumi, the cooking expert.
Tatsumi is also a social activist with a focus on food. To promote self-sufficiency through food, she launched the “Planting of 100 soybean seeds movement,” where children grow and harvest soybeans.

Cabbage Farci With Ground Beef Bursts With ‘umami’

Cabbage farci with ground beef bursts with ‘umami’Browned cabbage enveloping beef pate is likely to draw happy smiles from people at the dinner table.
“Farci” means “stuffed,” and the cooking procedure turns the umami-rich cabbage even sweeter.
“The procedure is simple, and you don’t have to worry about the shape,” says Kazunori Otowa, a leading Japanese chef of French cuisine in Tochigi Prefecture. “It is the sort of dish that can be enjoyed casually at home.”

Harusame Vermicelli, Spring Cabbage Make Zesty Side Dish

Harusame vermicelli, spring cabbage make zesty side dishDried food with a long shelf life is a great help when you are stumped for what to cook. Chef and restaurant owner Tomoshige Ichikawa, who introduced many Chinese home cooking recipes between 2010 and 2012, came up with a dish using “harusame,” vermicelli made of mung-bean or potato starch. For this recipe, he used the former for its resilience.

Coating Of Egg Keeps Fried Rice With Cabbage Nice And Dry

Coating of egg keeps fried rice with cabbage nice and dryFried rice seems easy to make, but how do you prevent it from becoming soggy? Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association introduces a way.
The keys are to pour the egg into the pan when the oil is hot, and to add the rice while egg is still half set. The coating of egg keeps the rice separate.

Cabbage And Bacon Pasta Recipe

Cabbage and Bacon Pasta RecipeThe garlic and bacon mingle well together, and the cabbage gives it a satisfying texture. This is a great meal to make on a budget, but essentially it’s just a fancy bacon delivery system!

Cabbage Rolls With Bacon

Cabbage Rolls with BaconThis is a very popular home cooking meal. It has been in Japan for over a hundred years and many families have their own custom version of this recipe. Enjoy!!

Chinese Cabbage And Soy Milk Sauce

Chinese Cabbage and Soy Milk SauceHakusai is a common vegetable we use in hot pots. It’s also called “napa”, or Chinese cabbage in English. Chinese cabbage gets very soft and sweet when it is boiled and has dietary fiber and lots of healthy minerals. The Japanese word for soy milk is “t?ny?” ( ?? ) and is a healthy alternative to cream in this recipe.

Oyster And Cabbage Soup

Oyster and cabbage soupPlump oysters and crisp cabbage make for a gentle zuppa (soup in Italian) as we await the spring. Chef Kuniaki Arima believes small careful steps result in a fine dish. One such step is the preparation of the vegetables. Garlic is cooked slowly in butter, while onion is sauteed as if to remove the tang.