Manga Cafes, Capsule Hotels Increasing Their Female Focus

Manga cafes, capsule hotels increasing their female focus

Manga cafes and capsule hotels in Japan are generally considered the domains of men, their cramped, dark spaces not particularly alluring to female customers.

But with businesses realizing they are forgoing 50 percent of their potential customer base, some have introduced new offerings designed to appeal to women, offering a relaxed, and most importantly, safe environment.

Green Tea Cafes Aim To Revive Interest In Japan's Traditional Beverage

Green tea cafes aim to revive interest in Japan's traditional beverage

With Japan's consumption of green tea in steady decline, a new breed of casual cafe specializing in the traditional brew aims to reverse the trend by introducing customers to a wide variety of brands, as well as unconventional serving methods.

Customers including visitors from overseas and young Japanese are able to learn about green tea and perhaps find a new favorite variety at such cafes.

Nintendo To Open Three Kirby Themed Cafes In Japan

Nintendo to open three Kirby themed cafes in JapanThe fandom of Pokémon Go has already captured the virtual world and is setting its grasp onto the real world as well, as three Kirby themed cafes open across Japan, Kirby is Nintendo’s original puffball character. Along with the café, the menu is thematic too – with pastries, beverages and other thematic merchandise are available at these cafés. Now fans can eat food that resembles popular Nintendo characters as well as choose from a menu of typical Japanese noodle and teriyaki dishes.

Zojirushi, Cafes Eye Spreading Services For Flask Users

Zojirushi, cafes eye spreading services for flask usersCafes and thermos flask maker Zojirushi Corp. have been cooperating to spread drink services for personal flask users at cafes in Japan.   At Mikiya Coffee ALBi, a cafe near the JR Osaka station, the prices of drinks are set 50 yen lower for filling personal flasks than for regularly served drinks.