Fujifilm Reportedly Has A New Mid-range Camera In The Works

Fujifilm Reportedly Has A New Mid-Range Camera In The Works

Fujifilm is known for their high-end mirrorless cameras like the X-Pro3, X-T4, and the X-H1. However, these cameras aren’t cheap and if you are a fan of Fujifilm but don’t want to break the bank, you might be interested to learn that the company could actually have a new mid-range camera in the works.

Apart from the cameras we mentioned above, the company does have some mid-range cameras like the X-T30 and the X-E3, but according to a report from Fuji Rumors, they have heard from their sources that apparently Fujifilm has two new mid-range cameras in the works, and that at least one of those cameras will be part of a brand new lineup.

Sony Could Have An Entry-level Full Frame Mirrorless Camera In The Works

Sony Could Have An Entry-Level Full Frame Mirrorless Camera In The Works

Want to get a full frame mirrorless camera? Unfortunately, full frame mirrorless cameras aren’t exactly cheap and Sony’s A7 is probably the cheapest you can expect from the company. However, that might not necessarily be the case in the future, at least according to Sony Alpha Rumors.

The publication is claiming that come September, Sony is expected to announce an entry-level full frame mirrorless camera that will be part of its mirrorless lineup. The naming of this camera is unclear, but it has been speculated to be called either the A5 or the A6, which kind of makes sense given that Sony’s mirrorless lineup consists of the A7 and A9 series.

Xperia 1 Ii Gets Raw Camera Support In Latest Update (58.0.a.3.88)

Xperia 1 II gets RAW camera support in latest update (58.0.A.3.88)

Sony has released an exciting new firmware update for Xperia 1 II (Mk2) owners, adding RAW support across all three of its rear camera lenses when using the Photo Pro app. Build version 58.0.A.3.88 is currently rolling out to select regions for the single SIM variant (XQ-AT51) including Russia, US and carriers including O2 UK and Orange in Europe. There is no update for the dual SIM variant (XQ-AT52) at the time of writing, though this should follow shortly.

The Nikon Z5 Mirrorless Camera Is Here And Will Cost $1,400

The Nikon Z5 Mirrorless Camera is Here And Will Cost $1,400

When Nikon first got into the mirrorless camera game, their efforts weren’t exactly well-received. The company later turned things around when they launched their new lineup of Z-series mirrorless cameras, and now it looks like they’re back with a new model in the form of the Nikon Z5.

This is the company’s “entry-level” mirrorless camera for its Z-series lineup and is priced starting at $1,400 for the body-only. However, despite it being an entry-level camera, it packs some decent hardware and could be a good gateway for photographers who are looking for a relatively inexpensive way into the full-frame camera segment.

Canon Takes The Fight To Sony With Its New Eos R6 Camera

Canon Takes The Fight To Sony With Its New EOS R6 Camera

When it comes to full frame mirrorless cameras, it’s hard to deny that Sony has pretty much the market cornered. However, in the past few years, we’ve started to see more efforts from other camera makers looking to challenge Sony’s position on the throne, and it looks like Canon might have a potential camera that could rival Sony.

The company has officially announced its latest full frame mirrorless camera in the form of the Canon EOS R6. The camera will come with a 20.1MP full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC X image processor, and if you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because this is the same sensor used in Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR camera, so you should be able to expect similar performance, but in a smaller package.

Sony Confirms Plans For A New A7s Camera This Summer

Sony Confirms Plans For A New A7S Camera This Summer

Sony’s A7 series of mirrorless cameras come in a variety of models. If you’re a low-light photographer or someone who prefers a camera that is more adept at shooting in low-light, then the A7S series is one worth checking out, although the downside is that it has been many years since Sony gave it an update.

However, the good news is that if you’ve been looking forward to Sony updating the A7S lineup, the company has confirmed in an interview with DPreview that a new model will be launching this summer. According to Sony exec Kenji Tanaka, he has confirmed that a successor to the A7S II will be coming soon.

Olympus Will Be Selling Off Its Consumer Camera Business

Olympus Will Be Selling Off Its Consumer Camera Business

Many, many years ago, when cameras were either a compact camera or a DSLR, Olympus came onto the scene and helped to popularize the Micro Four Thirds system. This removed the mirror box from the camera’s design, which led to the mirrorless design, resulting in many of the popular cameras we know and use today.

Now it looks like the company is done with cameras as they have announced that they will be selling off its consumer camera business. This business will be sold to Japan Industrial Partners, who for those unfamiliar, is the same company that bought up Sony’s VAIO computer business back in 2014.

Adobe's Photoshop Camera Is Now Available For Free On Ios And Android

Adobe's Photoshop Camera Is Now Available For Free On iOS And Android

Back in November last year, Adobe announced that they were developing a new app called Photoshop Camera. For those who might have missed the announcement, basically this is a camera app that comes with a variety of lenses and filters that allows users to take all kinds of funky and interesting photos.

The app, following the announcement, was made available as a public preview. However, for those who missed out on the preview, the good news is that Adobe has since released the app in full where users on both iOS and Android will be able to download it. The best part is that it is also free.

Fujifilm X-t4 Mirrorless Camera Announced With In-body Image Stabilization

Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Camera Announced With In-Body Image Stabilization

One of the things that many Fujifilm photographers probably wanted in the company’s cameras is probably in-body image stabilization. Fujifilm made this a reality with the launch of the Fujifilm X-H1, but oddly enough the cameras that followed did not adopt the feature, at least until now where Fujifilm has unveiled their latest flagship, the X-T4.

While externally the X-T4 looks very much like its predecessor, the biggest change probably has to be IBIS. For those wondering why this is a big deal, it is because prior to this, photographers who wanted image stabilization had to rely on lenses that came with the feature which limited their options.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera Announced

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera Announced

If you’re a fan of instant print cameras, then you might be interested to learn that Fujifilm has announced their latest camera in the form of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11. For those who are unfamiliar, these are cameras that have the ability to snap a photo and print them on the fly, making them ideal for parties and events where people get to take home a photo as a souvenir.

Now, clearly this isn’t Fujifilm’s first time releasing such a camera, but the company has made some improvements to it over the years. One of those improvements to find its way into the Instax Mini 11 comes in the form of Automatic Exposure. If you’ve ever used these types of cameras before, then you know that sometimes the photos don’t always look the best.

Panasonic's Homehawk Floor Is A Security Camera Disguised As Lamp

Panasonic's HomeHawk Floor Is A Security Camera Disguised As Lamp

Most of the time, you can actually see the security cameras around you – unless someone wants to have a discrete camera hidden somewhere.

A discrete setup may not be convenient enough and land you in legal trouble later. However, if you want to have a discrete security camera at your home that blends in as a decor item, it would be a great choice to have.

Canon's Next Eos R Camera Could Support Dual Memory Cards

Canon's Next EOS R Camera Could Support Dual Memory Cards

For amateur photographers, having a single memory card in your camera is usually good enough to get the job done. However, professionals who need to be constantly moving and shooting, such as at a wedding, a single memory card is definitely not enough. This is why cameras that support dual memory cards tend to be favored by the pros.

The good news for Canon photographers looking to hop onto the EOS R system is that according to a report from Canon Rumors, they have heard that for Canon’s next EOS R camera, it could actually come with a dual memory card slot. This is actually not the first time we’ve heard this and in the past, it has also been suggested that in-body image stabilization could also be a potential feature.

Sony Rx100 Vii Camera: My Experience

Sony RX100 VII Camera: My Experience

Sony calls the $1299 Sony RX100 VII a camera with “Pro features” in a to-go package and targets a creative crowd of professionals and influencers willing to spend to streamline their ultramobile camera setup.

I spent some time with the RX100 VII, and in this review, we’ll go over its real-world capabilities and whether I would use it in my day to day creative activities such as media event coverage, food photos, and pro-travel.