Canon's Eos 5d Lineup Could Be Discontinued

Canon's EOS 5D Lineup Could Be Discontinued

Canon 5D MK II

When it comes to higher-end DSLRs, Canon’s EOS 5D series is probably one that many professionals are familiar with. In fact, the camera has actually been used in the past to shoot some television series episodes. However, it seems that the EOS 5D could be coming to an end.

Canon's Next Eos R Camera Could Support Dual Memory Cards

Canon's Next EOS R Camera Could Support Dual Memory Cards

For amateur photographers, having a single memory card in your camera is usually good enough to get the job done. However, professionals who need to be constantly moving and shooting, such as at a wedding, a single memory card is definitely not enough. This is why cameras that support dual memory cards tend to be favored by the pros.

The good news for Canon photographers looking to hop onto the EOS R system is that according to a report from Canon Rumors, they have heard that for Canon’s next EOS R camera, it could actually come with a dual memory card slot. This is actually not the first time we’ve heard this and in the past, it has also been suggested that in-body image stabilization could also be a potential feature.

Canon's Eos Ra Camera Is Aimed At Astrophotographers

Canon's EOS Ra Camera Is Aimed At Astrophotographers

Now, if astrophotography is your kind of thing, then you might be interested to learn that Canon has quietly announced their latest camera in the form of the EOS Ra. As its name implies, this is part of Canon’s new EOS R series of mirrorless cameras, except that this camera has been specially created for astrophotography.

This is thanks to the use of a specially designed IR filter that allows four times as much transmission of the 656nm wavelength, thus opening up the camera’s potential for astrophotography. According to Canon, “This allows for a higher transmission of deep red infrared rays emitted by nebulae, without requiring any other specialized optics or accessories.”

Canon's Next Eos R Announcement Will Be For A Budget Model

Canon's Next EOS R Announcement Will Be For A Budget Model

A recent rumor claims that Canon has a major announcement that could take place this month. Now according to a report from Canon Watch, it seems that the upcoming camera announcement from Canon could be for a budget EOS R model that could be priced around the $1,600 mark.

Now we know that $1,600 isn’t exactly cheap, but it will be cheaper than the current EOS R offering and it is pretty affordable as far as full-frame mirrorless cameras are concerned. This is actually a bit of a surprise as most of the rumors we have been hearing so far have been talking about a high-end EOS R camera with a 100MP sensor.

5-aixs Ibis Could Be Coming To Canon's Next Eos-r Camera

5-Aixs IBIS Could Be Coming To Canon's Next EOS-R Camera

Image stabilization is useful in situations where you need to move around a lot but want to ensure that your photos and videos don’t come off too blurry. Now Canon’s EOS R camera is packed with high-end features, but if there was one thing missing from the camera was image stabilization.

If you are interested in the EOS R, maybe you might want to hold off until the next-gen model because according to a report from Canon Rumors, it seems that Canon’s next EOS R could come with a 5-axis IBIS (in-body image stabilization). Now there are IBIS and lens-based image stabilization, where the former will allow for stability across all lenses, whereas the other is localized to the lens that is attached to the camera.

Eyes-on Canon's Digisuper 122x Optical Zoom Lens Model

Eyes-On Canon's DIGISUPER 122X Optical Zoom Lens Model

We had heard of Canon’s UHD-DIGISUPER 122 which was announced recently, but we got an opportunity to see one in action at Inter Bee 2018 in Tokyo, and it was indeed very impressive.

Technically, the optical range of this lens is nutty: it can go from 8.2mm to 1000mm. 1000 divided by 8.2 is a factor of 121.05, hence the 122X optical zoom number. It has a f/1.7 to f/5.0 aperture. Oh, and it weighs 26Kg!

Sony Will Have A 'serious' Answer To Nikon & Canon's Upcoming Mirrorless Cameras

Sony Will Have A 'Serious' Answer To Nikon & Canon's Upcoming Mirrorless Cameras

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It is safe to say that for the longest time ever, Sony has been hugely successful with their mirrorless cameras. They were the first to launch a full-frame mirrorless camera which has sat very well with professionals, so much so that there are more than a few who have since dumped their DSLRs in favor of these full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Canon's Full-frame Mirrorless Reportedly Being Field-tested By Professionals

Canon's Full-Frame Mirrorless Reportedly Being Field-Tested By Professionals

Canon's mirrorless camera efforts have been somewhat lukewarm where the company has typically launched entry-level models in a market that appears to be largely dominated by the likes of Sony. However the company has recently hinted that a high-end mirrorless could be in the works, corroborating some of the rumors we've heard.

Now according to the folks at Canon Rumors, they have heard from a source that Canon's development of their high-end full-frame mirrorless camera is progressing nicely, and that the camera is said to have already found its way into the hands of select Canon professional photographers for testing.

Canon's Latest Speedlite Flash Uses Ai To Find The Best Angles

Canon's Latest Speedlite Flash Uses AI To Find The Best Angles

One of the reasons why external flash units are so much better than built-in flash is due to its ability to angle the flash. Given that it is generally not advised to use flash directly on the subject, angling it means that photographers can bounce light off surfaces like reflector boards, the wall, or ceiling, thus creating a softer and more natural look.

However unless you're a seasoned professional, how would you know which is the best angle? That's the kind of guesswork that Canon wants to remove from the equation, and have since introduced the Speedlite 470EX-AI Flash. This is a flash unit that's unlike any other in the market, simply because it relies on AI to try and figure out the best angles for the current scene.

Canon's Full-frame Mirrorless Rumored To Use A Dedicated Sensor

Canon's Full-Frame Mirrorless Rumored To Use A Dedicated Sensor

It was initially thought that it was impossible to shrink down a full-frame sensor that could fit into a non-DSLR body, but that's exactly what Sony has done where they have launched not only full-frame mirrorless cameras, but full-frame compacts as well. This has ultimately spurred the competition to work on similar devices.

In fact Canon is one of them as we have been hearing rumors that the company had a full-frame mirrorless in the works. Now according to a new report from Canon Rumors, they have heard from their sources that the rumored Canon full-frame mirrorless might actually feature its own dedicated sensor, versus reusing a full-frame sensor found on other Canon cameras like the EOS 6D Mark II or the EOS 5D Mark IV.

Canon's Compact Projector Can Be Used Without Pc

Canon's Compact Projector Can Be Used Without PC

Canon Marketing Japan Inc will release the "Mini Projector M-i1," which can project video without using a personal computer, Sept 7, 2017.

The company expects that the projector will be used for making a presentation outside, having a conference in open space, projecting images at a construction site, etc.

Canon's All-weather Drone Comes With High-sensitivity Camera

Canon's All-weather Drone Comes With High-sensitivity Camera

Canon Marketing Japan Inc announced April 4, 2017, that it will release a drone for disaster control in July 2017.

The drone, "PD6E2000-AWCJ1," was developed by adding Canon Inc's "ME20F-SH" ultrahigh-sensitivity camera to the "PD6E2000-AW" industrial drone of Prodrone Co Ltd. As a result, it can shoot images in dark places during nighttime hours.

Ces 2015 : Canon's Newest Connected Cameras

CES 2015 : Canon's newest connected camerasYou know the drill: Smartphones are making compact cameras obsolete, killing the category and yada yada. But still! Camera makers launch a seemingly endless number of new models at CES, and Canon is a great example of that this year. It just unveiled no fewer than eight compact, superzoom and video cameras in the PowerShot, ELPH and VIXIA lines, along with a Pixma photo printer. The common thread among them is wireless connectivity: