This Mitsubishi Evo Is Made Almost Entirely Of Carbon-fibre, And It Is Absolutely Stunning

Mitsubishi EVO CarbonOur recent adventure to South Australia for the Adelaide Motorsport Festival – where we planned on racing our 1300hp Toyota 86 against a Formula One car – saw us sharing a pit bay area with two other race cars from GT Auto Garage. One of which happened to be one of the most incredible Mitsubishi Evolutions we have ever seen.

Aside from the fact it was made nearly entirely from carbon fibre, with around 800hp and weighing only 1000kg, it was one of the fastest sedans on the track.

New Carbon Fiber Materials Coming To Lexus Vehicles?

New Carbon Fiber Materials Coming to Lexus Vehicles?

More carbon fiber parts could be coming to future Lexus vehicles, thanks to a new process and increased in-house production — from Automotive News:

SMC represents a new manufacturing process for Toyota, even though the automaker has used similar materials for the Lexus LFA supercar. But they are specialty uses for limited-volume panels, [JP Flaharty, executive program manager for technical strategy at Toyota North America R&D] clarified.