Carpaccio Of Red Seabream

Carpaccio of red seabream

From the sound of the whisk touching the bowl and the sizzle of the meat to the conversations in English and French plus the calm music in the background, Jean-Georges Tokyo, a French-cuisine restaurant located in Tokyo's Roppongi, was filled with just the right amount of lively ambience.

Under the high ceiling, head chef Fumio Yonezawa prepares the dishes as he checks the guests' pace and occasionally exchanges words with his staff. But when it comes to the finishing touches, he takes his time and works carefully. When the guests see the beautifully served dish placed before them, their faces light up.

Sunchoke And Hamachi Carpaccio Recipe

Sunchoke and hamachi carpaccio recipeInspiration can show up when you least expect it. This dish was actually inspired by a Coconut Pana Cotta of all things.

What does a creamy Italian desert have in common with a savory sashimi appetizer you ask? Aside from looking incredibly tasty, pana cotta’s are typically creamy dishes that use a tart sauce to offset the fat.