Domestic Violence Cases At Record High In 2018

Domestic violence cases at record high in 2018

The number of cases of domestic violence in Japan reached a record high of more than 50,000 last year.

The National Police Agency says officers issued warnings in 51,172 cases of domestic violence last year. The figure is up about 7,000 from the previous year, and is the largest annual total since the prevention law took effect in 2001.

Child Abuse Cases Hit Record High In Japan

Child abuse cases hit record high in Japan

Cases of child abuse and the number of abused children both hit record highs in Japan last year.

The National Police Agency says there were 1,380 cases of child abuse nationwide last year involving arrests or questioning. The number of victims under 18 totaled 1,394.

Rubella Cases Exceed 100 In Single Week

Rubella cases exceed 100 in single week

Japanese health authorities say 109 cases of rubella, or German measles, were reported in the country in the week up to February 24.

They say it's the first time this year that the weekly total exceeded 100.

Measles Outbreak In Japan Exceeds 220 Cases

Measles outbreak in Japan exceeds 220 cases

Japanese health authorities say that the country's reported cases of measles have topped 220 so far this year, more than 70 percent of the total in 2018.

Experts say the measles virus is highly contagious, causing symptoms such as fever and skin rash. If a pregnant woman is infected it can trigger a miscarriage or premature delivery.

Damage In Special Fraud Cases Reach $320 Mil.

Damage in special fraud cases reach $320 mil.

Japanese police say the damage from "special frauds" reached 35.6 billion yen, or around 320 million dollars, last year. Such cases include complex schemes to swindle strangers, such as impersonating close relatives over the phone.

The National Police Agency says the total damage was down about 30 million dollars from the year before. Still, fraudsters took their victims for nearly one million dollars a day.

Abe Orders Checks Into Possible Child Abuse Cases

Abe orders checks into possible child abuse cases

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered emergency checks within a month into cases of suspected child abuse to confirm children's safety.

In a meeting of relevant Cabinet ministers on Friday, Abe ordered checks into all cases of possible abuse currently being handled by child welfare centers.

Pixel 3 In Japan To Get Exclusive Cases With Ar Support

Pixel 3 In Japan To Get Exclusive Cases With AR Support

Phone cases are pretty straightforward and for the most part they’re meant to protect our phones from getting scratched, and in many cases they’re also used to show off a bit of our own personality based on the style of the case and design that we’ve chosen. However in Japan, Google is trying to make a case more than just a case.

Child Abuse Cases In Japan Hit Record High

Child abuse cases in Japan hit record high

Child consultation centers across Japan handled more than 130,000 reported child abuse cases in fiscal 2017, a record high.

The welfare ministry on Thursday released the figures for the year through March 2018 at a meeting of the heads of child consultation centers nationwide.

Service Uncovers 62 Work Campaigning Cases

Ministry unveils 62 work campaigning cases

Japan's training service has found that its authorities helped senior partners secure 62 post-retirement occupations illegally.

Education Minister Hirokazu Matsuno reported the consequences of an in-house examination concerning the practice at a news meeting on Thursday. Specialists joined the 2-month test after the service uncovered 27 illicit cases.

Instruction Service Finds 62 Illicit Occupation Situation Cases

Education service finds 62 unlawful occupation position cases

Japan's training service said Thursday it has affirmed 62 cases in which present or previous workers acted wrongfully in discovering employments for resigned or resigning bureaucrats.

The report of the last discoveries of the ministry's test into the act of "amakudari" (plummet from paradise) finishes up it was efficiently required in the practice for a few years.

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Mega Man Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL cases celebrate 25 explosive yearsThe mighty Mega Man did charm the senses when he ruled consoles across Japan for a dominating period. In fact the 1987 franchise sold twenty-nine million copies worldwide by 2011. Now, its time passed and what we must raise our glasses to this phenomenal character. Capcom make it easier with the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL cases, which are themed around Mega Man.

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