Electronics Show Ceatec Displays Connected Future

Electronics show CEATEC displays connected future

Asia's largest electronics and information technology convention began Tuesday near Tokyo, with companies showing off cutting-edge devices and services to demonstrate their vision of a future where many aspects of life are connected via networks.

Regulars at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, or CEATEC, such as Panasonic Corp. and Sharp Corp. hosted large booths with lavish displays, while two of Japan's biggest banking groups are also participating.

Ceatec 2016: Vrc’s Shun’x Is A 3d Body Scanner That Works Quickly

CEATEC 2016: VRC’s Shun’X Is A 3D Body Scanner That Works QuicklyIf you’re trying to create models that are close to the human shape as possible, obviously 3D scanning is the way to go, as opposed to having to create the wireframes and models from scratch. However 3D scanning is typically a slow process, which means that if you have hundreds of models to create, it could take you a while.