Nissan Leaf Storms Sales Charts To Outsell Internal Combustion Rivals

Nissan Leaf Storms Sales Charts To Outsell Internal Combustion RivalsThe Nissan LEAF has made history again by taking the number two spot in the overall car sales chart for Norway, beating a host of household name combustion engined cars in the process.

This month has not been a one-off success - with the Nissan LEAF taking 5th position overall in the sales charts for 2013 to date, and number 13 overall in 2012. Since the start of sale 18 months ago more than 4,500 of the 100% electric models have been sold in Norway, making it the best selling car in the Nissan range for that market.

Itano Tomomi 3 Solo Singles Consecutively Tops 3 Oricon Spots

Itano Tomomi 3 solo singles consecutively tops 3 Oricon spotsAKB48’s Itano Tomomi’s third solo single, “10nen Go no Kimi e” sold 73,000 copies in its first week and placed second in this Oricon week’s rankings.

Including her debut song “Dear J” (2nd place) and her second solo single “Fuini” (1st place), her three singles have now topped consecutively in the top three spots.

Maeda Atsuko Solo Song Moves Up On Oricon Charts

Maeda Atsuko solo song moves up on Oricon ChartsMaeda Atsuko's solo single she released last June titled 'Flower' moved up on Oricon's Daily Ranking.

The move came after Maeda Atsuko announced that she will be graduating from AKB48 .

Before the announcement , the single 'Flower' was ranked outside of Oricon Top 100 .