Check Out The Documentary Movie For Flumpool's Comeback Live

Check out the documentary movie for flumpool's comeback live

A documentary movie featuring flumpool's comeback live, which was held on January 13 at Tennoji Park in Osaka, has been revealed. 

The band had been on hiatus since December of 2017 due to vocalist Yamamura Ryuta's throat condition. They stood in front of fans and performed for the first time in over a year on January 13. The footage shows clips from the live as well as the rehearsal. 

Check Out Dean Fujioka's Pv For 'history Maker'

Check out DEAN FUJIOKA's PV for 'History Maker'

The PV for DEAN FUJIOKA's song "History Maker" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"History Maker" was released digitally in October of 2016 and served as the opening theme for TV anime 'Yuri on ICE' back then. It will be included in DEAN's new album "History In The Making" to drop on January 30. In the PV, which was shot on a subway, DEAN follows a young girl wearing a red coat and is led into a fantasy world. It was directed by Ninomiya Ken, and the dance was choreographed by Bambi Naka. 

Check Out The Pv For Season 2 Of 'one Punch Man'

Check out the PV for season 2 of 'One Punch Man'

The PV for the second season of TV anime 'One Punch Man' has been revealed. 

In the PV, you will meet Saitama, Genos, Sonic, Blizzard, and new character Garo. Besides TV Tokyo, the anime will also be distributed at the same time on Nico Nico Namahousou. 

Check Out The Pv For Maison Book Girls' 'semai Monogatari'

Check out the PV for Maison book girls' 'Semai Monogatari'

Maison book girl have uploaded the PV for their new song "Semai Monogatari" onto their YouTube channel. 

"Semai Monogatari" will be included in the group's second album "yume" which will drop in stores on November 21. Co-directed by suzzken and Ninomiya Yuki, the PV portrays the song's worldview by using red, blue, and black. 

Check Out The Pv For Superfly's New Song 'gifts'

Check out the PV for Superfly's new song 'Gifts'

The PV for Superfly's new song "Gifts" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

The medium-tempo ballad about kindness and strength will be released as Superfly's new single on October 10. It was written as the set piece for the junior high school section of the '85th NHK National School Music Contest.' The PV is comprised of a documentary of junior high school students who answer the question, "What do you dislike about yourself?

Check Out The Pv For Ms.ooja And Kanjiya Shihori's Song 'hoshi Wo Koete'

Check out the PV for Ms.OOJA and Kanjiya Shihori's song 'Hoshi wo Koete'

The PV for Ms.OOJA's new song "Hoshi wo Koete," which was written together with actress Kanjiya Shihori, has been revealed. 

"Hoshi wo Koete" will be included in Ms.OOJA's new album "Stories" to be released on October 24. For this album, Ms.OOJA interviewed five female celebrities and wrote songs based on those interviews. The PV for "Hoshi wo Koete" stars both Ms.OOJA and Kanjiya, and it shows the song's worldview. 

Check Out The Pv For Dream Ami's Song 'wonderland'

Check out the PV for Dream Ami's song 'Wonderland'

The PV for Dream Ami's new song "Wonderland" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Wonderland" is the theme song for the movie 'Ozland Egao no Mahou Oshiemasu.' starring Haru and Nishijima Hideyoshi. It's also the CM song for 'Rejob,' an online job listing for the fields of health and beauty. 

Check Out The Pv For Back Number's 'daifuseikai'

Check out the PV for back number's 'Daifuseikai'

back number has revealed the PV for their new song "Daifuseikai," which was written as the theme song for the movie 'Gintama 2 Okite wa Yaburu tame ni koso Aru.'

The band teamed up with Tan Shuichi for the PV. On the video shoot, Shimizu Iyori (Vo, G) commented, "The director understood the image of the lyrics, song, and footage perfectly, so we were able to have fun and felt assured that we were going to create something good.

Check Out The Pvs For Nogizaka46's Songs 'sora Tobira' And 'sankaku No Akichi'

Check out the PVs for Nogizaka46's songs 'Sora Tobira' and 'Sankaku no Akichi'

The PVs for Nogizaka46's new songs "Sora Tobira" and "Sankaku no Akichi" have been revealed via YouTube. 

"Sora Tobira" will be included in all types of the group's upcoming single "Jikochuu de Ikou!" to be released on August 8. The PV was shot at JAXA (Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency) in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, and Tsukuba Expo Center. Umezawa Minami serves as the song's center. Directed by Ito Shuto, the PV shows Umezawa and the other members aiming to become astronauts. 

Nissan's Rear Door Alert Reminds You To Check The Back Seat

Nissan's Rear Door Alert Reminds You To Check The Back Seat

Sometimes we can be forgetful, which is why there are instances in which you might have heard how sometimes parents put their toddlers or pets into the backseat of their cars, and when they reach their destination they can sometimes forget about it. This can be extremely dangerous but Nissan wants to solve that problem.

The company has announced a new feature called the Nissan Rear Door Alert (RDA) in which basically it reminds drivers to check their back seats whenever they get out of the car. How does this work? Basically when the car detects that you open the back door at the start of the trip (which assumes you might have put someone or something there) and that the back door is not opened at the end of the trip, it will alert the driver.

Check Out The Trailer For Akanishi Jin's Rearrange Album

Check out the trailer for Akanishi Jin's rearrange album

Akanishi Jin has uploaded a trailer video for his rearrange album "A la carte" (August 1 release). 

The album is comprised of Akanishi's hit tracks rearranged by himself. It will be available in three different versions: Regular Edition, Limited Edition, and UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE Edition. In the trailer, you can see clips from his PV for "Feelin'" as well as live footage from his concert at Makuhari Event Hall.