Nissan's Rear Door Alert Reminds You To Check The Back Seat

Nissan's Rear Door Alert Reminds You To Check The Back Seat

Sometimes we can be forgetful, which is why there are instances in which you might have heard how sometimes parents put their toddlers or pets into the backseat of their cars, and when they reach their destination they can sometimes forget about it. This can be extremely dangerous but Nissan wants to solve that problem.

The company has announced a new feature called the Nissan Rear Door Alert (RDA) in which basically it reminds drivers to check their back seats whenever they get out of the car. How does this work? Basically when the car detects that you open the back door at the start of the trip (which assumes you might have put someone or something there) and that the back door is not opened at the end of the trip, it will alert the driver.

Check Out The Trailer For Akanishi Jin's Rearrange Album

Check out the trailer for Akanishi Jin's rearrange album

Akanishi Jin has uploaded a trailer video for his rearrange album "A la carte" (August 1 release). 

The album is comprised of Akanishi's hit tracks rearranged by himself. It will be available in three different versions: Regular Edition, Limited Edition, and UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE Edition. In the trailer, you can see clips from his PV for "Feelin'" as well as live footage from his concert at Makuhari Event Hall. 

Check Out The Pv For Red Diamond Dogs' New Song 'red Soul Blue Dragon'

Check out the PV for RED DIAMOND DOGS' new song 'RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON'

EXILE ATSUSHI's band RED DIAMOND DOGS have revealed the PV for their new song "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON." 

This song is a support song for professional baseball player and ATSUSHI's good friend Matsuzaka Daisuke, who transferred to the Chunichi Dragons this year. Matsuzaka has been using it as his entrance song as he steps into the mound. 

Check Out The Short Pv For Ieiri Leo's New Song 'moshi Kimi Wo Yurusetara'

Check out the short PV for Ieiri Leo's new song 'Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara'

The short PV for Ieiri Leo's new song "Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara" will be released as the singer's new single on August 1. It's being used as the theme song for Fuji TV's 'Getsu-9' drama 'Zettai Reido ~Mizen Hanzai Sennyu Sousa~.' The PV was directed by Hariu Yuji, who has previously directed Ieiri's PVs for "Taiyou no Megami," "Junjou," and "Silly."

Check Out 2 Dance Videos From Ken☆tackey

Check out 2 dance videos from KEN☆Tackey

Miyake Ken (V6) and Takizawa Hideaki's (TACKEY & TSUBASA) new unit KEN☆Tackey have revealed dance videos for two of their songs "Ukiyo Adesugata Sakura" and "Aiki Hibi."

These dance videos can be found in the Limited Edition A DVD of the unit's first single "Gyakuten Lovers" that's scheduled to drop on July 18. Check out the short version below. 

Police To Check Body Of 'don Juan' Pet Dog

Police to check body of 'Don Juan' pet dog

Japanese police are looking into the death of the pet dog of a wealthy self-proclaimed "Don Juan" who died of acute stimulant drug poisoning.

Company president Kosuke Nozaki died on May 24th. Investigators say the circumstances of the 77-year-old's death give rise to suspicion, including the possibility of homicide.

Check Out The Special Footage For Arashi's 'natsu Hayate'

Check out the special footage for Arashi's 'Natsu Hayate'

A special footage for Arashi's new song "Natsu Hayate" has been unveiled. 

As reported earlier, "Natsu Hayate" was picked up as the theme song for TV Asahi's broadcast of the '100th Japanese High School Baseball Championship.' In accordance with this, the video features the members of Arashi singing at the Koshien Baseball Stadium as well as footage of professional baseball players during their Koshien days. 

Check Out Amuro Namie's History Movie

Check out Amuro Namie's history movie

Amuro Namie's history movie 'NAMIE AMURO ~glorious days~,' which was created to commemorate her 25th anniversary, has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

The movie reflects on Amuro's activities, not only in terms of music, but also in fashion, hair, and make up. Its English version was released about earlier, and it received so much attention that they prepared this Japanese version.

Check Out The Pv For Superfly's Song 'bloom'

Check out the PV for Superfly's song 'Bloom'

Superfly has unveiled the PV for her song "Bloom."

"Bloom" is the title track to Superfly's 23rd single due out on June 6. The song was written by Ishiwatari Junji and composed by Tsutaya Koichi. In the PV directed by Banba Shuichi, you can see Superfly singing in a white room that looks like a art gallery. 

Check Out The Teaser For Greeeen's New Album

Check out the teaser for GReeeeN's new album

A teaser footage for GReeeeN's new album "UreD" (April 11 release) has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"UreD" marks the group's eighth original album. In the footage, you can enjoy clips of their songs such as "Hello Kagerou," which was the theme song for Fuji TV's broadcast of the 'Pyeongchang Olympics,' "4 ever Don!!!!!," which served as the opening theme for the 'ONE PIECE' live show 'ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION,' and "Koi," the theme song for movie 'Marmalade Boy.'

Check Out The Pv For Momoiro Clover Z's Song 'xiao Yi Xiao'

Check out the PV for Momoiro Clover Z's song 'Xiao Yi Xiao'

The PV for Momoiro Clover Z's new single "Xiao Yi Xiao" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Xiao Yi Xiao" will serve as the theme song for the movie 'Crayon Shin-chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys ~Ramen Rebellion~' that's scheduled to open in theaters on April 13. In addition to wire action, the members challenged themselves to drunken boxing and calligraphy for this video.