Henmi Emiri Announces Her Pregnancy With 1st Child

Henmi Emiri announces her pregnancy with 1st childJapanese actress and singer Henmi Emiri (36) announced through her official blog that she is pregnant with her first child. She reported, “It’s a private matter, but I’ve been blessed with a baby! I am very happy to be able to make this report.”

Actress Yamada Mariya Gives Birth To Her First Child

Actress Yamada Mariya gives birth to her first childActress Yamada Mariya (32) announced the birth of her first child through her official blog.

Yamada gave birth on the 29th at 8:46 am at a midwife’s home in Yokohama. She happily reported, “A 3360 gram (7 lb. 6 oz.) baby boy was born healthily~.”

Nissan Right Fit For Child Passenger Safety

Nissan Right Fit for Child Passenger SafetyNissan North America (NNA) opens its doors Oct. 5 to parents and caregivers in Middle Tennessee to offer safety tips and ensure proper installation of child safety restraint systems (CRS).

A Mother And Child Take In The Tulip Beds During The Tulip Sensation Event

A mother and child take in the tulip beds during the Tulip Sensation eventA mother and child take in the tulip beds during the Tulip Sensation event at the Florante Miyazaki flower park in the city of Miyazaki in this recent photo. The event, which runs through April 15, features some 100,000 tulips in 80 varieties, all of which will be in full bloom early in the month, according to the park. Admission is 300 yen for adults and high school students, 150 yen for junior high and primary school students, and free for preschoolers.

Ito Yuko Gives Birth To Her First Child

Ito Yuko gives birth to her first childJapanese actress Ito Yuko (37) has given birth to her first child .

Ito gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing at 2580 grams (5lbs 11oz) on March 25th.

The following day, Ito reported through her official blog, ''I will never forget the touch and sensation I felt when I first held our long-awaited child. I’m really full of happiness.''

Wink Member Aida Shoko Gives Birth

Wink member Aida Shoko gives birthAida Shoko (41), once a member of the pop duo Wink, announced that she recently became a mother.

She gave birth to a daughter on January 13, almost two months before her due date. The baby weighed only 1,866 grams at birth.

Yazawa Shin, Masato Expecting First Child

Yazawa Shin, Masato expecting first childJapanese actress Yazawa Shin (30) and former K-1 champion Masato (32) will soon become parents. Now in the stable period of pregnancy, Yazawa announced on her official blog that she is five months pregnant with their first child.