V6's Nagano Hiroshi And Actress Shiraishi Miho Welcome Their First Child

V6's Nagano Hiroshi and actress Shiraishi Miho welcome their first child

It's been reported that a baby boy has been born to V6's Nagano Hiroshi and actress Shiraishi Miho. 

In a joint announcement, the couple commented, "The other day, a little earlier than the due date, our first child, a baby boy, was born safely. Both mother and baby are in healthy condition." They also expressed their joy, "When we heard the baby let out his first cry, we were filled with joy and relief. We will carefully raise this precious life together."

Abe Natsumi Pregnant With Her Second Child

Abe Natsumi pregnant with her second child

On May 10, singer Abe Natsumi attended the awards ceremony for the '11th Best Mother Awards' where she announced her second pregnancy. 

The awards are based on votes by mothers nationwide, and they are given to notable persons who are active in their respective fields. Abe, who has a son with actor Yamazaki Ikusaburo, was chosen for the 'music category.'

Actress Asami Reina Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Actress Asami Reina is pregnant with her first child

On April 5, actress Asami Reina announced she and her husband are expecting their first child. 

In an Instagram post, Asami said, "As it has been reported, I have been blessed with a baby. I am sorry for the late announcement." She added, "Everyday I am happy, but at the same time, I am anxious and nervous about becoming a mother."

Exile Takahiro & Takei Emi Announce The Birth Of Their First Child

EXILE TAKAHIRO & Takei Emi announce the birth of their first child

On May 12, EXILE TAKAHIRO and Takei Emi announced the birth of their first child. 

The couple announced their marriage and pregnancy last September. In a joint statement, they stated, "Everyone, thank you always for your warm support. Thanks to you, we were able to welcome a new life. It's a very healthy baby girl. To everyone who supported us and cheered us on, thank you very much. We will put our strength together to build a warm family. With thanks, we will work even harder so please watch over us."

Sasaki Nozomi Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Sasaki Nozomi is pregnant with her first child

Actress Sasaki Nozomi (30) has announced that she is pregnant with her first child. 

On Instagram, she reported, "At this time, I have been blessed with a baby. We are happy that we will be gaining a new family member." She also explained, "Under normal circumstances, I wanted to make the announcement to my fans at the right timing. However, because it had already been reported, I apologize that it was announced in this order.

Yasuda Kei Announces The Birth Of Her First Child

Yasuda Kei announces the birth of her first child

Former Morning Musume member Yasuda Kei has announced the birth of her first child. 

In a fax announcement, Yasuda announced that she gave birth to a baby boy on January 7. Both mother and baby are in healthy condition, and things are going well after birth. She plans on continuing her work while cherishing her time with her son. 

Sekai No Owari's Saori Gives Birth To First Child

SEKAI NO OWARI's Saori gives birth to first child

SEKAI NO OWARI's pianist Saori has announced the birth of her first child.

Both Saori and husband, actor Ikeda Dai made the announcement via their respective Twitter accounts. Saori wrote, "Tears filled my eyes when I finally met this adorable small life. I am grateful for my husband for always supporting me and for our child for coming into our lives.

That Is Not A Child But A Minor

That Is Not a Child But a MinorOn Karin Oriyama’s (Yuna Taira) 16th birthday, she receives a present from her parents. Her present is marriage. The person she marries is her first love Nao Tsurugi (Kento Nakajima). He is a popular senior in high school. For Nao, he only marries Karin for economic reasons and in particular the wealth of her parents. Karin loves him truly, but Nao doesn't love her at all.

One Ok Rock's Ryota Welcomes His First Child

ONE OK ROCK's Ryota welcomes his first child

A baby girl has been born to ONE OK ROCK bassist Ryota.

Ryota announced his marriage on the opening day of the band's nationwide tour 'ONE OK ROCK 2017 "Ambitions" JAPAN TOUR.' They are currently in the middle of their world tour and are scheduled to make stops in Europe in December.

Nakamura Aoi Announces The Birth Of His First Child

Nakamura Aoi announces the birth of his first child

On October 23, actor Nakamura Aoi (26) announced the birth of his first child. 

Nakamura wrote on his blog, "It's a personal matter, but I would like to announce that our first child was born the other day." He had not revealed his wife's pregnancy, and he explained, "I hope you understand my sudden announcement as I had been concerned about their safety."

Sailor Moon Store In Tokyo Draws Child Fans, Adult Fans Alike

Sailor Moon store in Tokyo draws child fans, adult fans alike

Even 20 years after the original manga and anime ended their runs in Japan, "Sailor Moon" still retains her powers and hold over her fans, as crowds to the first permanent shop dedicated to the girl superheroine will attest.

About 200 fans waited in line for the world's first Sailor Moon permanent shop to open on Sept. 23 in Tokyo's hip Harajuku district, and more than 600 customers turned up. On average, about 400 customers visited the store each day during the first week. The store has become so popular that clerks have to temporarily limit the number of shoppers allowed inside when it is overcrowded.

Kuroki Meisa & Akanishi Jin Welcome The Birth Of Their Second Child

Kuroki Meisa & Akanishi Jin welcome the birth of their second child

Kuroki Meisa and Akanishi Jin have welcomed the birth of their second child. 

The couple made the announcement via their agencies with a joint statement. Kuroki gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and she plans on returning to work while considering her physical condition. "Everyone, I safely gave birth to our second child, our first son, the other day! Now that we've become a family of four, we hope to become an even more cheerful family. I will also continue to devote myself to my work," she commented.

Bonnie Pink Gives Birth To Her First Child

BONNIE PINK gives birth to her first child

BONNIE PINK has announced via her website that she gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, in April.

Back in September of 2015, BONNIE PINK held her 20th anniversary life "BONNIE PINK 20th Anniversary Live: Glorious Kitchen". It was on this stage that she announced her marriage to a non-celebrity man earlier that year.