Aibu Saki Is Expecting Her First Child

Aibu Saki is expecting her first child

Actress Aibu Saki (31) is pregnant with her first child. According to her agency, she is due sometime this fall and will continue working while monitoring her condition.

Aibu announced, "It's a personal matter, but at this time, I would like to announce that I have been blessed with a new life. I am expected to give birth this fall and will continue to work within my ability while taking care of my physical condition." She also wrote on Instagram, "I hope to spend everyday with care while looking forward to childbirth.

Former Nmb48 Member Matsuda Shiori Is Married And Expecting First Child

Former NMB48 member Matsuda Shiori is married and expecting first child

Former NMB48 member and model Matsuda Shiori (21) announced her marriage and pregnancy via Instagram on April 19. 

Matsuda uploaded a photo of herself in a wedding dress and wrote, "It's a personal matter, but on April 4, I married my boyfriend whom I had been dating for some time. And currently, I am carrying a new life in my stomach.

Goto Maki Delivers Second Child

Goto Maki delivers second kid

On March 24, Goto Maki delivered her second youth, a baby boy. 

In a blog statement the following day, Goto reflected, "It took longer, and it was all the additionally tiring, both soundly and physically, stood out from the time I delivered my daughter." She continued with, "The minute he let out his first cry, my devastates typically wrapped the torment, and I was immediately overflowing with bliss..." Then completed, "Together with my life partner, I plan to give a valiant exertion and value managing our children. It would make me happy in case you would watch over us warmly."

Eikura Nana And Kaku Kento Are Expecting Their First Child

Eikura Nana & Kaku Kento are expecting their first tykeIt's been accounted for that performing artist Eikura Nana (29) is pregnant with her first tyke.
Through her office, Eikura declared, "It's an individual matter, however as of now, I have been honored with another life." She stated, "I have now entered my steady period. I am going through every day placidly with the support of family and numerous others around me."

Smartwatch Visualizes How Much Time Parent Shares With Child

Smartwatch Visualizes How Much Time Parent Shares With ChildVeldt Inc developed a smartwatch that automatically measures the time during which family members share time with each other.
Veldt (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) is a company that manufactures and sells wearable devices and IoT (Internet of Things)-related products. The smartwatch, "Tottori West Family Time Watch," will be used for a tour for experiencing migration to the western part of Tottori Prefecture.

Mother Whose Child Failed To Gain Spot At Day Care Sues Local Government

Mother whose child failed to gain spot at day care sues local governmentA 33-year-old woman living in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka is suing the municipal government to cover part of the cost of putting her fourth child into an unlicensed day care center, which is more expensive than a licensed one, arguing that the municipal government has failed to fulfill its responsibility to provide child care.

Kuroki Meisa Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

Kuroki Meisa is pregnant with her second childOn November 26, actress Kuroki Meisa (28) announced her second pregnancy with husband, singer Akanishi Jin (32).
Kuroki tweeted, "As it was reported, I am currently pregnant with my second child. I am about to enter my stable period." She revealed, "I am spending my days healthily without feeling ill. While being thankful for the understanding and support around me, I am preparing to welcome our child."

Kikuchi Rinko And Sometani Shota Announce The Birth Of Their Child

Kikuchi Rinko and Sometani Shota announce the birth of their childActress Kikuchi Rinko (35) has given birth to her first child. This was announced on October 8 via her husband, actor Sometani Shota's (24) official website.
On his website, Sometani reported, "I would like to announce that our first child has been born safely. Both mom and baby are healthy." While he kept the baby's sex undisclosed, he expressed, "It would make me happy if you would continue to watch over us warmly."

Kago Ai Is Pregnant With Her 2nd Child

Kago Ai is pregnant with her 2nd childKago Ai has announced her second pregnancy via her official blog.
Last month Kago married a 38-year-old manager of a beauty related company. On her blog, she expressed, "Everyone, including my family and staff, are happy for me... Even I'm surprised about this sudden event, but I want to carefully take care of this small life inside of me."

Fukuyama Masaharu & Fukiishi Kazue Are Expecting Their First Child

Fukuyama Masaharu & Fukiishi Kazue are expecting their first childOn August 28, actress Fukiishi Kazue (33) and singer/actor Fukuyama Masaharu (47) announced that they are expecting their first child.
Fukiishi wrote on her official blog, "Some of you may have already heard from reports, but please allow me to make this announcement. At this time, we have been blessed with a baby." She continued, "I have entered my stable period. Every day is filled with surprise as well as hope and joy toward this unknown encounter."

Soccer: Sawa Pregnant With First Child, Due In January

Soccer: Sawa pregnant with first child, due in JanuaryFormer Women's World Player of the Year Homare Sawa said Tuesday she is expecting her first child in January.
"I've been blessed with a new life," Sawa, 37, said through a statement released by her management firm. "It's been the heartfelt desire of my husband and I all long."