Singer Fujmoto Miki Announces The Birth Of Her Second Child

Singer Fujmoto Miki announces the birth of her second childFormer Morning Musume member Fujimoto Miki (30) updated her official blog and announced the birth of her second child.
Fujimoto began the blog by saying, "I have an announcement for everyone," and reported, "On August 1, at 1:32 am, I safely gave birth to a 3,152 gram (6 lb 15 oz) baby girl." She reflected, "As expected, childbirth was very painful... but above all, I am filled with happiness."

Kiritani Kenta Second Child To Be Born Next Spring

Kiritani Kenta second child to be born next springActor Kiritani Kenta (35) will become a father of two next spring.
On July 30, a sports paper published an article on Kiritani's "secret wedding" and his wife's second pregnancy. During an ORICON STYLE interview, the actor's agency confirmed the second pregnancy, revealing, "He is very happy to become a father of two. The baby is scheduled to be born next spring."

Ito Misaki Gives Birth To Her 2nd Child

Ito Misaki gives birth to her 2nd childModel and actress Ito Misaki (38) has given birth to her 2nd child.
On June 26th, Ito made the announcement through her agency. According to the announcement, she gave birth to a baby boy on June 23rd. "Both mother and baby are in a healthy condition, so please rest assured," she said.

Morisanchu's Oshima Miyuki Gives Birth To Her 1st Child

Morisanchu's Oshima Miyuki gives birth to her 1st childComedian trio Morisanchu's Oshima Miyuki (35) gave birth to a 3,885 gram (8 lbs 9 oz) baby boy at a hospital in Tokyo.
According to the announcement, both mother and baby are in healthy condition. Her husband, broadcast writer Suzuki Osamu (43), and Morisanchu's Murakami Tomoko (35) and Kurosawa Kazuko (36) were present during the delivery.

Goto Maki Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Goto Maki is pregnant with her first childGoto Maki has announced that she is pregnant with her first child.
On her official blog, she reported, "I've entered my stable period, and the baby is healthily growing inside of my stomach. When I received my maternity health record book, I was able to feel happiness."

Nakazawa Yuko Gives Birth To Her 2nd Child

Nakazawa Yuko gives birth to her 2nd childNakazawa Yuko announced through her official blog that she has given birth to her second child, a baby boy.
She happily commented, "The moment I heard my son's first cry, my eyes overflowed with tears just like when my daughter was born. Right now, I can say that I'm really relieved. I want to thank my son for being born healthy." She also thanked her family, fans, and the hospital staff for supporting her throughout her pregnancy.

Kanno Miho & Sakai Masato Are Expecting Their 1st Child

Kanno Miho & Sakai Masato are expecting their 1st childActor Sakai Masato (41) and actress Kanno Miho (37) are expecting their first child.
Through her agency, Kanno announced, "At this time, I have been blessed with a new life. My husband and I are both very excited to welcome a new family member." Sakai also reported, "A new member will be added to the family this fall."

Hirosue Ryoko Is Pregnant With Her 3rd Child

Hirosue Ryoko is pregnant with her 3rd childActress Hirosue Ryoko (34) announced through her agency that she is pregnant with her 3rd child.
Hirosue's agency reported, "At this time, we would like to announce that our agency's Hirosue Ryoko will be gaining a new member in her family. She's currently 5 months pregnant and has entered her stable period."