School Children In Japan Becoming Near-sighted

School children in Japan becoming near-sighted

Researchers in Japan found that about 10 percent of junior high school students may be suffering from a severe type of near-sightedness known as high myopia.

A Keio University team surveyed the eyesight of 1,416 children attending elementary and junior high schools in Tokyo.

Children Learn About A-bomb On Streetcar

Children learn about A-bomb on streetcar

Children have learned about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima aboard a streetcar that was damaged in the blast of August, 1945.

Hiroshima Institute for Peace Education arranged for about 90 people to travel around the city on the streetcar on Sunday.

An Overview Of Violent Attacks On Children

An overview of violent attacks on children

Schools in Japan stepped up security in line with government policies after a stabbing rampage at an elementary school in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, in 2001.

An armed man killed 8 students and wounded 15 others at Ikeda Elementary School, which is attached to Osaka Kyoiku University.

Traffic Accident Narrowly Misses Children

Traffic accident narrowly misses children

There was yet another car accident involving small children in Japan Wednesday. The accident occurred at a park in Ichihara city, Chiba Prefecture.

Five children and two care workers from a nearby nursery were playing in the park at the time. None of the young children were injured in the accident, but a caregiver in her 30s suffered a bone fracture after being hit by the car. The woman reportedly told police she pushed the children outside the sandbox so they wouldn't be run over.

Children Down By 30% In 2011 Quake-hit Areas

Children down by 30% in 2011 quake-hit areas

An NHK survey shows that the number of schoolchildren in areas hard-hit by the 2011 major earthquake and tsunami in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, has declined by 30 percent.

Eight years and two months have passed since the March 11th disaster.

4 Children Seriously Injured In Car Accident

4 children seriously injured in car accident

Four children from a daycare center have been knocked unconscious and are in a serious condition after a multiple vehicle accident at an intersection in western Japan.

Police and firefighters say a driver hit the 13 children and their three caregivers at an intersection in Otsu city on Wednesday morning, while they were taking a walk.

Car Drives Into Group Of Daycare Children

Car drives into group of daycare children

A motorist has rammed into a group of more than 10 children from a daycare center in western Japan.

The driver hit the group of 13 children and three caregivers as they were lined up at an intersection in Otsu city on Wednesday morning.

Children Try To Help Foreign Tourists In English

Children try to help foreign tourists in English

Elementary and junior high school students in Japan's northern prefecture of Miyagi have practiced helping foreign tourists visiting a popular cherry blossom viewing spot.

About 250,000 people visit the Hitome Senbon-zakura area every year, where there are many cherry trees along the Shiroishi riverside. More and more foreign tourists are visiting the cherry blossom spot from Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries.

170 Children In Protection For Possible Abuse

170 children in protection for possible abuse

Japan's government says its emergency survey on child abuse across the country has led to placing 170 children under protective custody nationwide by separating them from their guardians.

This was reported to a meeting of a government taskforce on child abuse on Thursday.

Children Make New Year Decorations In Shizuoka

Children make New Year decorations in Shizuoka

Parents and children have made New Year decorations known as "kadomatsu" and mini-Christmas trees at an event in Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan.

Ten groups of 25 parents and children put pieces of bamboo and pine branches in flowerpots to make the 70-centimeter-tall decorations.

Takaoka Sosuke Reveals He Has Remarried And Has Two Children

Takaoka Sosuke reveals he has remarried and has two children

On November 16, actor Takaoka Sosuke revealed via his Instagram account that he had gotten remarried to a non-celebrity woman and is a father to two children.

He wrote, "Since it will be reported tomorrow, I would like to take this opportunity to make an announcement at this timing. I, Takaoka Sosuke, would like to announce that I have already registered my marriage with a non-celebrity woman, and we already have two children together.

Blackboard Drawings Wow Children In Aomori

Blackboard drawings wow children in Aomori

A series of intricate artworks created with chalk on classroom blackboards has wowed children in northeastern Japan.

Students from Tokyo-based Musashino Art University drew the pictures in 8 rooms at a junior high school in Aomori Prefecture on Friday.