170 Children In Protection For Possible Abuse

170 children in protection for possible abuse

Japan's government says its emergency survey on child abuse across the country has led to placing 170 children under protective custody nationwide by separating them from their guardians.

This was reported to a meeting of a government taskforce on child abuse on Thursday.

Children Make New Year Decorations In Shizuoka

Children make New Year decorations in Shizuoka

Parents and children have made New Year decorations known as "kadomatsu" and mini-Christmas trees at an event in Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan.

Ten groups of 25 parents and children put pieces of bamboo and pine branches in flowerpots to make the 70-centimeter-tall decorations.

Takaoka Sosuke Reveals He Has Remarried And Has Two Children

Takaoka Sosuke reveals he has remarried and has two children

On November 16, actor Takaoka Sosuke revealed via his Instagram account that he had gotten remarried to a non-celebrity woman and is a father to two children.

He wrote, "Since it will be reported tomorrow, I would like to take this opportunity to make an announcement at this timing. I, Takaoka Sosuke, would like to announce that I have already registered my marriage with a non-celebrity woman, and we already have two children together.

Blackboard Drawings Wow Children In Aomori

Blackboard drawings wow children in Aomori

A series of intricate artworks created with chalk on classroom blackboards has wowed children in northeastern Japan.

Students from Tokyo-based Musashino Art University drew the pictures in 8 rooms at a junior high school in Aomori Prefecture on Friday.

Supporters Offer After-school Care For Children In Poverty

Supporters offer after-school care for children in poverty

Local municipalities and support groups are offering after-school care for children who are alone at home because their parents have to work long hours or at late at night due to low income.

The supporters help them build good habits such as washing their hands and doing household tasks, as children from poor households often lack knowledge of everyday hygiene or households chores.

Sony: Children Predict Tech Innovations For The Next 20 Years

Sony: Children predict tech innovations for the next 20 yearsFlying shoes may be just around the corner, as research released today by Sony Mobile reveals that 62% of children expect these by 2037, and 22% predicting that they could become a reality in just five years.
The research, conducted for Sony Mobile’s Xperia Touch projector, explores the vivid imagination of 6-12 year olds globally, comparing their fun and advanced expectations of the future to that of their parents.

Honda To Donate Funds For Every Of New Video Featuring Children And Asimo

Honda to Donate Funds for Every "Like" of New Video Featuring Children and ASIMO

Honda is inviting its fans on social media to help raise awareness and funds for the new Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Honda said today that it will donate $1 for every "Like" or "Share" of a new video of young patients interacting with Honda's ASIMO, the world's most advanced humanoid robot, during a special appearance at the hospital. The video will be posted on Facebook:
http://honda.us/Mobility as well as Honda's CSR, YouTube and Twitter channels.

On June 20, 2017, Honda donated $1 million to establish the all-new Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus. The Center will seek innovative ways to help young patients overcome conditions that limit mobility such as birth defects, disease or injury. The new center will also conduct spine motion analysis, sports performance programs and injury prevention programs. In addition, it will conduct extensive research in prosthetic and wheelchair development, with the mission of improving the mobility of all children.

Evacuated Fukushima Children Victims Of Bullying

Evacuated Fukushima children victims of bullyingAn NHK survey of former residents of Fukushima who fled the 2011 nuclear disaster has found that dozens of children were bullied at their new schools.
NHK joined hands with Waseda University and others to survey more than 9,500 households from the four municipalities in the prefecture near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Osaka Children Join Abacus Event

Osaka children join abacus eventChildren in Osaka, western Japan, took part in a New Year abacus calculation event held at a shrine on Tuesday.
An association of abacus workshops in Osaka Prefecture holds the event every 3rd of January. About 1,000 elementary school and junior high school students joined this year.

Investigators Cooperate To Ease Burden On Abused Children During Questioning

Investigators cooperate to ease burden on abused children during questioningPolice, prosecutors and child consultation centers are working together to limit the burden on abused children when questioning them during investigations.

"Daddy hit me!" said a boy speaking to a prosecutor in a specialized room, with a rug laid on the floor so the boy could take off his shoes and relax. A female prosecutor sitting on a beige couch asked in a gentle voice, "What did it feel like?"

Sony: The Tomorrow Children Out Today On Ps4

Sony: The Tomorrow Children Out Today on PS4Comrades! I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that The Tomorrow Children launches today and everyone is welcome to jump into this strange neo-Soviet alternative future we’ve created!
The Tomorrow Children is a game quite unlike any other. It features elements of action, simulation, strategy, and social gaming all brought together in a unique alternate-reality, sandbox world.