International Judo Federation Honoured For Giving Lessons To Children In Refugee Camp On Syria-turkey Border

International Judo Federation honoured for giving lessons to children in refugee camp on Syria-Turkey borderThe "Judo for Peace" project has been recognised after giving lessons to more than 300 children in the crisis-hit region.
Over 300 kids in a refugee camp on the Syria /Turkey border are taking part in Judo lessons.
Now Judo chiefs have won a top award for taking the sport into the camp where the refugees live in containers.

New Honda Road Readers Program Designed To Encourage Children To Use Their Imaginations During Drives

New Honda Road Readers Program Designed to Encourage Children to Use Their Imaginations During DrivesThe average family spends about four hours per week in the car. Honda wants families to put that time to good use. Today the brand is launching Honda Road Readers, a new app (available on Apple® and Android™) providing Honda drivers free access to children's audiobooks to expose children to great literature and foster their imaginations. An introductory video to the program will be promoted on Honda's social channels, using the hashtag #HondaRoadReaders.

Children From Gaza Visit Disaster-hit Kamaishi

Children from Gaza visit disaster-hit KamaishiPalestinian children from the Gaza Strip are in Japan to visit one of the areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.
Three children aged 13 to 14 visited the coastal city of Kamaishi, in Iwate Prefecture, on Tuesday.

Manufacturers Working Overtime To Keep Young Children Out Of Washers

Manufacturers working overtime to keep young children out of washersManufacturers are redesigning front-loading washing machines to prevent accidents involving children, following the death this summer of a boy who became trapped after climbing into one.
Although there are no industry rules yet, manufacturers are hoping to promote the machines' safety by responding quickly to safeguard them against children.

Fuji Xerox And Gakken Holdings Provide Learning Materials To Children Of Myanmar

Fuji Xerox and Gakken Holdings Provide Learning Materials to Children of MyanmarAiming to help resolve educational disparity, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. and Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. jointly began a project to provide learning materials to the children of Myanmar. Starting with elementary school children in the Yangon suburbs where many migrant workers reside, Fuji Xerox and Gakken Holdings plan to distribute a total of 16,000 learning materials to 4,000 children in the country by 2023.

Artist Shizumi Shigeto Manale Makes Film Inspired By Stories Of Hibakusha Children

Artist Shizumi Shigeto Manale makes film inspired by stories of hibakusha childrenAfter the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, a heartbroken U.S. church pastor who wanted to help alleviate the suffering there sent off a box of writing materials to children in the city. Pictures that were subsequently drawn in the spring of 1948 by students from Hiroshima's Honkawa Elementary School and sent back in gratitude -- to be rediscovered years later inside the All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington D.C. -- was a story that went on to inspire the film "Pictures From a Hiroshima Schoolyard," produced by artist Shizumi Shigeto Manale.

Sony : The Tomorrow Children: 3 Ways To Create Striking Ps4 Visuals

Sony : The Tomorrow Children: 3 Ways to Create Striking PS4 VisualsHi everyone, before I dig into today’s blog post, I wanted to invite you to tune in to tonight’s Extra Life livestream at 5:00 pm PT, where I will personally guide fans through a live demo of our studio’s upcoming open-world game — The Tomorrow Children. We’re really excited to participate in the Extra Life program and hope as many of you as possible can stop by to check out the first look at gameplay footage from The Tomorrow Children!

Ceatec 2014 : Kyocera Gibbon Takes Care Of Children

CEATEC 2014 : Kyocera Gibbon Takes Care of ChildrenIn this day and age, finding out about little kids getting lost or grabbed, or much more terrible done to them have gotten to be commonplace to the point, that it is no more that stunning of a news as we all get to be numb to it. Having said that, what can folks do about such a circumstance?