Design Chosen For Commemorative Olympic Coin

Design chosen for commemorative Olympic coin

The design for a Japanese coin commemorating next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has been decided by a public vote.

People voted for their favorite out of three shortlisted designs via Twitter and other means. The winning design will be used for a 500-yen coin, and is the first of 37 coins to be minted for the Games that was selected by the public.

Many Visitors At Site Chosen As World Heritage

Many visitors at site chosen as World Heritage

Many people are visiting one of a group of burial mounds in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, that has been added to the list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

The Mozu-Furuichi Tumulus Clusters, which span the cities of Sakai, Habikino and Fujiidera, consist of 49 mounds built in the late fourth and fifth centuries.

Abe Meets Crown Prince After New Era Name Chosen

Abe meets Crown Prince after new era name chosen

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Crown Prince Naruhito at his residence in Tokyo on Monday.

The prime minister is believed to have explained how the new era name, Reiwa, was chosen on April 1. The government has said Reiwa means "beautiful harmony" in English.

Oricon Reveals '10th Ideal Faces Chosen By Men' Ranking

Oricon reveals '10th ideal faces chosen by men' ranking

Oricon has revealed its "10th ideal faces chosen by men" ranking. 

This year's number one spot went to actor Takenouchi Yutaka who is the oldest to top the ranking at 47 years old. This position was previously held by Takeuchi Ryoma, Mukai Osamu, Kimura Takuya, and Dean Fujioka. 

Town Assembly Chairman Chosen In 99th Vote

Town assembly chairman chosen in 99th vote

A town assembly in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa has finally chosen a chairperson after voting 99 times.

The Yonaguni Town assembly unanimously elected Takezo Maenishihara on Wednesday, ending more than one month of political wrangling. He is a member of the town's ruling camp.

Sonar Pocket's Eyeron Chosen As 'fukuoka Marathon' Ambassador For The Second Time

Sonar Pocket's eyeron chosen as 'Fukuoka Marathon' ambassador for the second time

Sonar Pocket's eyeron (Vo) has been chosen as the ambassador for the 'Fukuoka Marathon' to take place on November 11. 

eyeron participated in the 'Fukuoka Marathon' in 2015 and 2016. Following 2016, this will be his second time to serve as ambassador for the marathon. In addition, he has written the event's theme song "Kaobare." On this song, he commented, "I was able to write this song because I have participated in the Fukuoka Marathon in the past. It's a song that will push the backs of those who do their best. I hope it will push them to take that final step during the hard, painful times.

Kimura Yoshino Chosen As Charity Personality For '24 Hour Television'

Kimura Yoshino chosen as charity personality for '24 Hour Television'

It's been announced that actress Kimura Yoshino was chosen as the charity personality for this year's '24 Hour Television' to air on August 25 and 26. 

Back in 2014, Kimura appeared in '24 Hour Television' as a special supporter because of her strong desire to participate in the program. She revealed that this year's offer came "out of the blue," saying, "I thought they were kidding, and my face became serious. But 0.1 second later, I decided that I would do it."

Quruli Chosen As Sightseeing Ambassador Of Kyoto Prefecture

Quruli chosen as sightseeing ambassador of Kyoto Prefecture

Quruli has been chosen as the cultural sightseeing ambassador of Kyoto Prefecture.

The band was appointed to this position as they have a connection with Kyoto Prefecture. Through their activities, they will show the charm of Kyoto Prefecture. They received a letter of appointment at the Kyoto Prefectural Government by governor Yamada Keiji.