Google Adding Support For Nintendo Switch Controllers To Chrome

Google Adding Support For Nintendo Switch Controllers To Chrome

We know that Google is looking to get into video game streaming as they ran a small test back in 2018 where gamers would stream games through the Chrome browser. In fact later this month at GDC, Google is expected to unveil more of their plans and leading up to the event, we might have an idea of what to expect.

As spotted by Owen Williams on Twitter, it appears that Google is adding support for the Nintendo Switch controllers to its Chrome browser. What does this mean? This means that in theory you should be able to play games through Chrome using your Nintendo Switch controllers if you prefer.

Chrome For Android To Get Shortcut That Closes All Tabs

Chrome For Android To Get Shortcut That Closes All Tabs

The more you use your phone’s browser, chances are over time you will start to accumulate a bunch of tabs from the various websites that you might have visited. Closing them isn’t really much of a problem, but a report from Chrome Story (via 9to5Google) has suggested that Google could soon be introducing a shortcut for Android that will close them all at once.

This is according to a sighting of a code commit in which it is referenced that Chrome for Android could come with a new button that when pressed, will close all tabs at once. You can see the button for yourself in the screenshot above where the icon is shown to the left of the screenshot. This button will appear when you pull up all the tabs that are currently open, where you can press the “+” button to open a new tab, or the three dots for more options/settings.

Google Chrome Will No Longer Support Android Jelly Bean

Google Chrome WIll No Longer Support Android Jelly Bean

While Android devices tend to be a bit slow when it comes to receiving updates, to the credit of Android developers, they tend to support apps for a pretty long time and across multiple versions of Android. Unfortunately there is a limit to just how many versions an app can support, and for Chrome users, it looks like Android Jelly Bean will no longer be supported.

Chrome For Android Will No Longer Support Jelly Bean

Chrome For Android Will No Longer Support Jelly Bean

Google released Android Jelly Bean almost six years ago. The platform has come a very long way since then. It’s now the oldest version of Android that’s still getting Chrome updates but that is set to change soon. A new commit spotted by developers over at XDA reveals that Chrome may soon end support for Jelly Bean.

Android's Smart Text Selection Coming To Chrome Os Soon

Android's Smart Text Selection Coming To Chrome OS Soon

Google first introduced Smart Text Selection with Android 8.0 Oreo. It has two core components. When the user taps on a word the feature automatically selects the entire phrase and it then suggests relevant actions based on what has been selected. For example, a link to Google Maps comes up with an address is selected. This feature will soon be available in Chrome OS as well.

It’s not surprising to see that this feature is making its way to Chrome OS given that the entire Android ecosystem is now available on Chrome OS. The flag for the Smart Text Selection feature is available in the latest Canary channel build of Chrome OS. The description mentions that the feature “shows quick actions for text selections in the context menu.”

Google Chrome On Android Can Cache Content For Offline Reading

Google Chrome On Android Can Cache Content For Offline Reading

Google is making it easier for Chrome users across the globe to access content that they need to stay on top of even when they don’t have an internet connection. Staying on top of news can be difficult when there’s no connectivity to users can’t get connected to the internet for a couple of days if they’re out of coverage area. Google has thus introduced a new way for Chrome on Android users in more than 100 countries across the globe to surf the web even when they don’t have a constant internet connection.

When users are connected to free, unmetered Wi-Fi, Chrome will automatically download relevant articles based on the content that’s popular in their location. If users are signed into Chrome, they will get articles that are relevant for them based on their browsing history.

Google Chrome On Android Can Now Download Articles For Offline Viewing

Google Chrome On Android Can Now Download Articles For Offline Viewing

One of the perks of living in a developed country is that when it comes to the internet infrastructure, it is widely available, fast, and for the most part reliable. However there are some countries in the world where fast and stable internet is something of a luxury, but the good news is that Google is here to help.

In the latest update to its Chrome browser for Android, Google has introduced a new feature that will automatically download articles for offline viewing. Now Google has in the past introduced offline features for Chrome, but this takes it to the next level with automated downloads.

Chrome Os Will Soon Show Android Files In Files App

Chrome OS Will Soon Show Android Files In Files App

Chrome OS now plays much nicer with Android than it used to and recent commits to the Chromium Gerrit for Chrome OS have suggested that this will only continue to improve in the future. A recent code discovery revealed that the Chrome OS launcher will soon let users search for Android app shortcuts and today’s discovery reveals that Chrome OS will finally start showing Android files in the Files app.

This feature addition will be very useful on Chromebooks that are capable of running Android apps. Users will be able to see all Android files on their Chromebook using the Chrome OS Files app.

Chrome Os Launcher May Let Users Search Android App Shortcuts

Chrome OS Launcher May Let Users Search Android App Shortcuts

Google may not have plans to fuse Android and Chrome OS but the former’s influence on the latter has been increasing gradually. It has long been possible to run Android apps on Chrome OS and it even supports the entire Google Play Store now. Google has also started testing Android P on Chrome OS even though it didn’t release Android Oreo for Chromebooks. Some new code has now been discovered which suggests that the Chrome OS launcher may allow users to search for Android app shortcuts.

A recent commit on the Chromium Gerrit reveals that the Chrome OS launcher will be able to search for app shortcuts within the launcher. Google introduced app shortcuts for Android with Android 7.1 Google.

2019 Infiniti Qx60 And Qx80 Limited, Now With More Chrome, Alcantara

2019 Infiniti QX60 and QX80 Limited, now with more chrome, Alcantara

Just ahead of the New York Auto Show, we get our first glimpse at new trims on the 2019 Infiniti QX60 and the refreshed 2019 Infiniti QX80. The Limited trim is the range topping spec for both crossovers and adds some new colors, trims and visual changes you won't find on lower-tier models. Pricing hasn't been announced, but the new models will be on sale this summer.

The QX60 is Infiniti's best-selling model. The 2019 QX60 Limited has a new dark chrome finish on the grille, fog lights and door moldings. The roof rails, cross bars and rear bumper also get a darker finish. There are new 20-inch wheels that are exclusive to the Limited model. Inside, the QX60 Limited gets new trim with contrasting stitching, leather-wrapped grab handles, dark silver wood accents, quilted leather seats and door panels, and unique floor and cargo mats.

Chrome Os Canary Channel Gets Split-screen Support For Android Apps

Chrome OS Canary Channel Gets Split-Screen Support For Android Apps

Google’s Chrome OS is expected to make its way to tablet form factors in the not too distant future which is why it would be wise for Google to offer more features that improve the Android app experience on Chrome OS-powered devices. Split-screen support is one of the features which can contribute to that and it’s now available for Android apps on Chrome OS in the Canary channel.

For those who are unaware, a Canary build is a newly compiled version of the software that hasn’t been properly tested. It’s meant for those who just want to see what’s new as soon as possible and discover the worst bugs. These builds are certainly not meant for public consumption.

Toro Rosso's New Honda-powered Str13 Would Look Cool In Chrome

Toro Rosso's New Honda-Powered STR13 Would Look Cool In Chrome

The participating teams will start unveiling their new F1 cars for 2018 in the coming weeks and months. But before they do, we have at least one more independent design to show you.

What we have here is a proposal for the forthcoming Toro Rosso STR13, done up by livery designer Sean Bull – complete with halo cockpit protection device, and all decked out in chrome (with some matte black detailing thrown in for contrast).