Clam Diggers Scour Yokohama Beach As Long Holiday Approaches End

Clam diggers scour Yokohama beach as long holiday approaches endFamilies enjoying one last few days of the "Golden Week" holiday period scoured the beach at "Umi no Koen (Marine Park)" beach in Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama, on May 7, digging for clams and other shellfish. At low tide in fine weather visitors raked through the sand clutching buckets to hold their prizes.

Enjoy In-season Clam With Power Of Sake

Enjoy in-season clam with power of sakeIf the secret to cooking is sealing in the flavor of the ingredient, Kimio Tomura, owner of a Kyoto-cuisine restaurant, does just that with the in-season “hamaguri” clam.

Goya In Clam Jeon Captures The Summer Spirit

Goya in clam jeon captures the summer spiritTake a bite of goya (bitter gourd) and you will feel the energy of summer. Although it is often enjoyed in “chanpuru” (stir-fry), Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association suggests using the vegetable in jeon, a Korean pancake-like dish. The chewy dough makes a nice contrast with the crisp goya. Fresh goya has a bumpy surface that is firm and glossy. By mixing flour and katakuriko starch in a ratio of 8-to-2, you get a jeon that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The recipe serves two.

Soup With Chinese Cabbage Kimchi, Pork And Clam

Soup with Chinese cabbage kimchi, pork and clamWhen you cannot decide what to cook, soup is always an option.

“Soup with lots of ingredients is quite filling and makes a nice main dish,” says cooking expert Megumi Fujii.

For a clearer flavor, clams should be immersed in saltwater even if they are sold with the label “drained of sand.”

Clam-flavored Egg Custard

Clam-flavored egg custard“An ingredient is ‘in season’ when it is fully prepared and telling us, ‘eat now,’ ” says Kimio Tomura, owner of a Japanese restaurant who believes 80 percent of the cooking is done if you can capture this moment.

Nowadays, you can buy pretty much anything all year round in Japan, and people seem quite intent on getting ahead of the seasons. Why not relish the spring with clam-flavored “chawanmushi,” an egg custard dish?