Nvidia's Geforce Now Cloud Gaming Comes To Android

NVIDIA's GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Comes To Android

It also removes certain device limitations, where in theory you could stream a PC game to your smartphone. There are several such services in the market today, such as NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. The good news is that if you were considering it, you’ll be pleased to learn that GeForce Now will soon be available on Android.

According to NVIDIA’s announcement, “Just like on PC, Mac and SHIELD TV, when the Android mobile app releases it’ll be in beta. We’ll continue improving and optimizing the experience. To take full advantage of the mobile experience, we’re recommending gaming with a Bluetooth gamepad, such as SHIELD controller, Razer Raiju Mobile, Steelseries Stratus Duo or Glap Gamepad (in Korea), as some games will be unplayable on an Android phone without a gamepad.”

Japanese Girl Starts 'mushroom Cloud' Logo Debate

Japanese girl starts 'mushroom cloud' logo debate

A Japanese exchange student in the US state of Washington has sparked an online debate about a high school's use of a mushroom cloud logo.

Nonoka Koga is from the southwestern Japanese prefecture of Fukuoka. She studied at Richland High School in the city of Richland.

Playstation Plus Cloud Storage Limit Increased To 100gb

PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage Limit Increased To 100GB

PlayStation Plus offers you more than just the ability to play online on your Sony console or get a handful of free titles every month. It also backs up your game saves and profiles to the cloud. Sony initially offered subscribers 10GB of cloud storage but it’s now making a significant increase. The company has announced that it’s increasing the PlayStation Plus cloud storage limit to 100GB.

Sony will be expanding the cloud storage space for all PS Plus subscribers to 100GB from 10GB in early February. This will provide console owners with more space to back up their game saves and profiles to the cloud. This allows them to save their game progress and character profiles on one system and then continue where they left off on another PS4 console without losing any progress.

Android Pie Cloud Backups Will Receive Additional Protection

Android Pie Cloud Backups Will Receive Additional Protection

Google wants to provide additional protection for your Android device backups so it has put in place a new measure to make that happen. This will be implemented with Android 9 Pie going forward. Google has announced that the cloud backup data on Pie will receive additional encryption through a Titan security module that’s located on one of its servers.

Nintendo Switch Cloud Saves Stored Up To 6 Months After Subscription Ends

Nintendo Switch Cloud Saves Stored Up To 6 Months After Subscription Ends

One of the benefits of subscribing to Nintendo’s Switch Online service is cloud saves. This means that unlike previously where game saves would be stored locally on a device, which means that if you get a new console you couldn’t just pick up where you left off, cloud saves means that you can recover your saved game files when you get a new console.

Not All Nintendo Switch Games Will Support Cloud Saves

Not All Nintendo Switch Games Will Support Cloud Saves

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One of the selling points of the Nintendo Switch Online service is that it lets users save game data to the cloud. This means that should anything with their consoles go wrong and needs replacing, players will be able to download their cloud saves and pick up where they left off, simple as that.

New Ps4 Cloud Remote Unveiled With Device Auto-detection

New PS4 Cloud Remote Unveiled With Device Auto-Detection

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Given how modern day gaming consoles are being marketed as being more than just for games and can be good for entertainment like watching videos and more, it’s not surprising that there are also accessories like PDP’s Media Remote for the Sony PS4. Now if you have yet to get the remote or are looking for an update, you’re in luck.

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Could Launch Outside Of Japan

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Could Launch Outside Of Japan

Earlier this week Capcom announced that Resident Evil 7 would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch. However this isn't the version that you would expect, instead it is the "Cloud Version" which is basically the same game but streamed from a server, meaning that all the processing load is taken off the Switch.

However the game's initial launch seems to be only in Japan, but as noted by Twitter user @eigotaku, there is an English language option in the game which seems to suggest that the game could launch outside of Japan eventually. Typically games released in Japan are in Japanese, which is why even if you have access to the Japanese eShop, you might still have a hard time trying to understand what's going during the dialog and menu.

Resident Evil 7 Launching On The Nintendo Switch Via Cloud Streaming

Resident Evil 7 Launching On The Nintendo Switch Via Cloud Streaming

Early last year before the Nintendo Switch was officially released, there were some who were wondering if Capcom's latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7, would be coming to the Switch. Capcom responded in a resounding no but it now looks like they might have had a change of heart, sort of.

Capcom has recently announced and launched a trailer for Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version. This is basically Resident Evil 7 for the Nintendo Switch but as the names suggests, this won't be the regular version of the game. Instead it will be Resident Evil 7 streamed via the Ubitus cloud service which means that players who want to play the game will require an always-on internet connection.

View Of Fog-filled Chichibu Basin Puts Early Risers On Cloud 9

View of fog-filled Chichibu basin puts early risers on cloud 9

CHICHIBU, Saitama Prefecture--They say every cloud has a silver lining, and that adage certainly applied Nov. 15 at Chichibu Muse Park here, where early morning visitors were handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

The Chichibu basin was covered by what appeared to be a sea of clouds which shimmered and glowed as the rays of sunrise cut through it in captivating style.

Sony's New Magnetic Tape Could Help Cloud Computing, Ai Technologies

Sony's new magnetic tape could help cloud computing, AI technologies

Sony Corp. said Wednesday it has developed a new type of magnetic tape that can record 20 times more data than previously possible, a technology that could be useful as the spread of cloud computing and artificial intelligence call for more memory space and a dependable way to preserve data.

The technology, developed in collaboration with IBM Research's Zurich laboratory, can store approximately 330 terabytes -- roughly equal to data used for 80,000 movies -- per cartridge compared with 15 terabytes on conventional magnetic tapes.