Soccer: Kagawa Heads Back For Club Challenge In Style

Soccer: Kagawa heads back for club challenge in styleManchester United midfielder Shinji Kagawa returned to Europe on Thursday, a day after he helped set up two goals in Japan's 3-0 victory in a friendly over Latvia.

"The way we scored was down to our having a good shared image," Kagawa said before leaving from Kansai International Airport. "Next time, I want to score."

Perfume To Open Their Fan Club To Global Fans

Perfume to open their fan club to global fans Perfume will be opening their fan club to fans overseas!

Until now, Perfume’s official fan club, ‘P.T.A.‘, had been only available to residents of Japan. However, they are opening the doors to fans across the world on February 14 of next year. The details are currently being planned by Perfume and their staff.

Sony Reader Store Launches Virtual Book Club

Sony Reader Store Launches Virtual Book ClubToday Sony Reader Store has announced the launch of its inaugural virtual Book Club, the ‘Sony Readers Book Club.’ Each month, Sony Reader Store will select a book of the month. During each month, Reader Store will host a virtual Book Club meeting, an online chat with the author, on the Sony Reader Store Facebook and Twitter pages, giving participants the opportunity to interact with the author and each other and ask questions related to the book. The Sony Readers Book Club will also offer special discounts and book club extras for download, available to U.S. customers at Reader Store.