Mantecato Of Cod Is A Butter-flavored Creamy Delicacy

Mantecato of cod is a butter-flavored creamy delicacyWith cod now in season, chef Kuniaki Arima steps away from the usual hotpots and soups to introduce “mantecato.” This Italian appetizer, the name of which means “whisked,” is a simple dish with boiled potatoes, cod and butter.

Soothing Soup With Kelp Stock, Cod And Daikon Radish

Soothing soup with kelp stock, cod and daikon radishDecember is a time when many people feel the winter chill and are restless.
Why not relax with warm soup with cod and lots of vegetables? “Kelp and cod go well together and create a delicate taste,” says cooking expert Megumi Fujii.

Miso Glazed Cod Recipe

Miso Glazed Cod RecipeThis is the recipe for Sablefish (a.k.a. Black Cod) marinated in a sweet miso glaze.

Black Cod with Miso has become an instant classic associated with Japanese food.

Cod In Breton Style Recipe

Cod in Breton style recipeLet's add a local French specialty to your repertoire of fish dishes. This gratin is low in calories and salt content. Since cod has a high water content, salting it ahead of time will add firmness to the flavor.

"Green onion holds the key. Together with the onion, it gives depth to the flavor," says cooking expert Masayo Waki. For a crispier finish, place dry bread crumbs in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Serves two.