Winter Cold In Spring

Winter cold in spring

Cold air has blanketed Tokyo and its surrounding regions. Some mountainous areas saw unseasonal snowfall.

Temperatures plunged to mid-winter levels on Wednesday. The temperature in central Tokyo was 4.9 degrees Celsius at 2 p.m.

Survey: Temporary Housing 'too Small, Cold'

Survey: Temporary housing 'too small, cold'

An NHK survey has found that people living in temporary housing in Hokkaido towns that were struck by a strong earthquake last year say their housing units are too small, or too cold.

The magnitude 6.7 earthquake rocked the northern prefecture last September. The towns of Atsuma, Abira and Mukawa were among the municipalities hardest hit. Temporary housing was built for people who lost their homes in the quake.

Quake Leaves People In Cold, Stranded On Trains

Quake leaves people in cold, stranded on trains

Authorities in Hokkaido have opened shelters for people left stranded on trains or out in the bitter cold following the strong earthquake on Thursday.

The Hokkaido Railway Company, also known as JR Hokkaido, says passengers remain on several trains that stopped between Minami-Chitose and New Chitose Airport and elsewhere.

Cold-climate Creatures In Their Element In Sapporo

Cold-climate creatures in their element in Sapporo

Japan's northern island of Hokkaido is still in the grip of biting winter weather, but that's good news for some animals at a zoo in Sapporo.

The polar bears, Amur tigers, and snow leopards have been enjoying their time outdoors at the Maruyama Zoo, while giraffes and other animals from warm habitats are being kept indoors.

Apple Chutney Helps You Get Through Cold Winter In Niigata

Apple chutney helps you get through cold winter in Niigata

Gentle popping and sizzling sounds greet the ears in the 150-year-old traditional-style house, where visitors are enveloped by the warmth coming from a wood stove. The ceiling rises 10 meters high above the grand shiny-black pillars and beams.

Satoyama Jujo is a hot-spring hotel that opened in 2014 in Minami-Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture, a renowned production area of rice. The hotel, which also welcomes a constant stream of foreign guests, has a restaurant called Sanaburi, whose popular dishes feature vegetables and edible wild plants.

Cold, But Worth It

Cold, but worth itPieces of ice sparkle in the morning sun in Toyokoro, Hokkaido, on Saturday. The phenomenon, known as "jewelry ice," appears along a 1-kilometer stretch of the shore only during the coldest time of year. When the Tokachigawa river's water freezes at the mouth, ice flows into the sea and is broken into pieces by the waves, and then deposited on the shore. Visitors endure bitter cold to see the ice at sunrise, with the temperature sinking to minus 15.4 C in the morning.

For Those Cold Winter Evenings, A Chicken-ball Hot Pot

For those cold winter evenings, a chicken-ball hot pot

Masahiro Kasahara, proprietor of Japanese cuisine restaurant Sanpi-Ryoron in Tokyo's Ebisu district, had an initial goal of turning just 10 percent of his customers into die-hard fans.

The popularity of his dishes has soared. And the 45-year-old chef continues to communicate the joy of cooking through television, radio and magazines.

Alps Haptic Trigger Plus Controllers Lets Users Feel Hot Or Cold

ALPS Haptic Trigger Plus Controllers Lets Users Feel Hot Or Cold

[CEATEC 2017] With virtual reality (VR) technology, the idea is to create an environment that is immersive for the user. This is done through VR headsets which lets users feel like they are in the world itself, and sometimes with headphones and audio technology to create spatial audio and immerse the user even further.

However there are also other ways of making users feel more immersed, and one of those ways is through the motion controllers which ALPS is demonstrating at CEATEC 2017 this year. This is not the first time the company has unveiled the controllers, but this year the company's Haptic Trigger Plus controllers are back and are more evolved than before.

Beat The Heat With Cold Miso Soup

Beat the heat with cold miso soupHiyajiru is a cold soup seasoned with miso and other flavors that has toppings. The soup feels smooth in the throat, and is a good way of getting nutrition in the hot weather when you’ve lost your appetite.

Not Afraid Of The Cold: Toyota Mirai Launches In Sweden And Norway This Summer

Not afraid of the cold: Toyota Mirai launches in Sweden and Norway this summerThe future is around the corner for citizens of Sweden and Norway who show interest in Toyota’s zero emissions fuel cell car, the Toyota Mirai (‘Future’ in Japanese). Starting this summer, both Nordic countries will start deliveries following other European countries that have introduced the Toyota Mirai in 2015 (UK, Germany and Denmark) or early 2016 (Belgium) – with the Netherlands to follow later this year. The Mirai has been launched in Japan in December 2014 and is sold outside of Europe in the US since 2015.