Ifa 2017: Panasonic's Moving Fridge Will Come To You When Called

Panasonic's Moving Fridge Will Come To You When Called


#IFA2017 – Have you ever hated getting up from your chair in the room and have to walk over to the kitchen just to get a drink or a snack? Wouldn’t it be much more awesome if your drinks/snacks were delivered to you instead? While getting a butler might be too pricey for some, the folks at Panasonic might have a more hi-tech solution.

A Bride's Dream Can Come True With Dress From Disney Princess

A bride's dream can come true with dress from Disney princess

Brides can now transform into their favorite Disney princess and enjoy a fairy-tale wedding without waving a magic wand.

Such dreams can come true thanks to gowns inspired by princesses from Walt Disney Co. movies made by major wedding dress provider Kuraudia Co.

Nintendo's Snes Classic Will Come With A Rewind Feature

Nintendo's SNES Classic Will Come With A Rewind Feature

Are games these days easier than games back in the day? We suppose it depends on the gamer, but if there's one thing that many can agree on is that games back in the day were considerably less forgiving, and that not many games came with tutorials that walked gamers through the features and functions, meaning that picking up a new game could be tricky.

Nintendo seems to understand this loud and clear because one of the features that is part of the SNES Classic is a "rewind" feature. As the name suggests, this rewind feature will let players turn back the clock when they screw up. So if you hate the idea of starting all over again, you can rewind back to the previous moment and try again, whether it be a tricky level, boss fight, or missed out on picking up on an item.

Don't Expect Tekken 7 To Come To The Switch Anytime Soon

Don't Expect Tekken 7 To Come To The Switch Anytime Soon

Tekken 7, or at least the non-arcade version of the game, will be released in June where it will find its way onto the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However with the Nintendo Switch having been officially announced, we're sure many are wondering if the game could eventually find its way onto the console as well.

If you were hoping for a Tekken 7 port for the Switch, you might be disappointed to learn that will not be happening just yet, or ever. Speaking to GameSpot in an interview, Tekken's producer Katsuhiro Harada revealed that they haven't even had time to get to study the hardware of the console simply because they haven't been able to get their hands on it.

Netflix For Nintendo Switch ‘will Come In Time,’ Says Nintendo

Netflix For Nintendo Switch ‘Will Come In Time,’ says NintendoGaming consoles are used for much more than just playing games now, no wonder you have some of the world’s most popular video streaming services creating apps for the likes of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Microsoft has particularly done well to bring a diverse range of entertainment features to its console and Sony has been improving this for the PS4 as well. However, Nintendo decided to not push forward with such non-gaming features for the Nintendo Switch at launch. The company has now said that Netflix for Nintendo Switch “will come in time.”

Spring Has Come (japanese Movie)

Spring Has Come (Japanese Movie)In February, Hajime Tokita (Kyotaro Yanagiya) and his daughter Riko Tokita (Anna Ishii) travel to Tokyo from Hiroshima. Riko Tokita will start college there and they will look for an apartment for her. Along the way, Hajime Tokita thinks back to his late wife and raising his daughter alone. Riko Tokita gets to know her father better.

Upcoming Sony Xperia Will Come With 4gb Ram

Upcoming Sony Xperia will come with 4GB RAMSome leaked pictures showing at least one upcoming Sony Xperia device have leaked over at Weibo. It is difficult to gauge much from the pictures, but one of them confirms the use of 4GB RAM, which is one spec that was rumoured previously.

Virtual Reality Cycling Program To Come To Japan

Virtual reality cycling program to come to JapanThe Trip, a New Zealand-designed fitness program combining virtual reality and bikes, will come to Japan in March next year when it will be featured in a gym to open in Tokyo's Shibuya district.
According to Renaissance Inc., the operator of "CYCLE & STUDIO R Shibuya," The Trip allows people to pedal a bike for 40 minutes while enjoying images such as scenes of a futuristic city that are projected onto a 120-degree screen ahead of them.

Yamaha: Top-five Come Back From Lowes For French Worldsbk

Yamaha: Top-Five Come Back from Lowes for French WorldSBKA strong opening performance for Alex Lowes placed his Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK into the top-five at the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours today as the Fassi French Round began. Local hero Sylvain Guintoli also launched into his home race weekend by securing his place in Saturday's Superpole 2 with a provisional ninth on his YZF-R1.

Portable Pv System To Come With Rechargeable Battery

Portable PV System to Come With Rechargeable BatteryMie University announced a lightweight, portable solar power generation system equipped with a rechargeable battery.
Mie University aimed to develop a system that can be easily used at the time of disaster and commercialized it. The university considers it as a solar power generation system that is equipped with a rechargeable battery, light in weight so that even a woman can carry it and can be used whenever, wherever and by anyone (e.g. when power supply is cut off, at the time of disaster, etc).

Subaru Impreza Wrx Sti Can't Come Soon Enough

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Can't Come Soon EnoughForget whatever you were doing and take a look at the first rendering of the new Subaru Impreza WRX STI.
Based on the new generation of the car seen in New York, X-Tomi's interpretation of how the high-performance model may look like checks all the right boxes, starting with the aggressive stance given by the tweaked front end, continuing with the large rear wing and ending with the signature golden alloy wheels, with a multi-spoke pattern.