Tropical Storm To Come Close To Okinawa

Tropical storm to come close to Okinawa

Japanese weather officials say Tropical Storm Prapiroon will approach the southwestern region of Okinawa on Sunday night. They are warning of violent winds and high waves.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of noon on Sunday, Prapiroon was situated 280 kilometers south of Naha, Okinawa and was moving north northwest at 20 kilometers per hour.

2018 Nissan Titan Drivers' Notes Review | As Honest As They Come

2018 Nissan Titan Drivers' Notes Review | As honest as they come

The 2018 Nissan Titan competes against the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Ram 1500 and Toyota Tundra in one of the most hotly contested and profitable segments in the market. Sales are won and lost over stats like horsepower, torque and tow ratings. While the Titan was never a sales leader, the first-generation model had a decent but fading following over its 11-year run.

The current model debuted back in 2016 alongside the new not-quite-HD Nissan Titan XD. Our truck — a 4x4 S-trim King Cab — is about as base as they come. There are two options: $120 all-season floor mats and a rear-seat delete. The later subtracts $500 from the base price. There's not even a bed liner, a rarity for any truck these days. Still, it gives us a rather nice baseline for comparison and shows just how much something like the Pro-4X trim adds.

Breakerz Akihide's New Album To Come With A 120-page Picture Book

BREAKERZ AKIHIDE's new album to come with a 120-page picture book

BREAKERZ member AKIHIDE (G, Cho) will release a new album titled "Kikaijikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland-" on June 20. 

This will be a concept album that tells "a story of a ghost that was left behind at an abandoned theme park who finds precious memories and a new self." Besides the CD, the album will come with a 120-page picture story book by AKIHIDE. In addition to the book, the limited edition will include a DVD. 

Xperia Xz2 Will Come With 6gb Ram In Asia

Xperia XZ2 will come with 6GB RAM in Asia

If you are looking for the ultimate Sony Xperia XZ2, then you may want to look to import it from Asia. Sony Mobile is adding 6GB RAM to the Hong Kong and Taiwan variants (H8296), versus 4GB seen elsewhere globally. We're not entirely sure why Sony couldn't add 6GB RAM for everyone, but if you want the best-specced version of the Xperia XZ2 you should browse eBay for Taiwanese/Hong Kong listings in March, when the phone is expected to launch.

Comparison Chart Shows How Far The Nissan Leaf Has Come

Comparison Chart Shows How Far The Nissan Leaf Has Come

While the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf hasn't entered the U.S. market yet, future buyers can look forward to purchasing a car that's significantly improved compared to its predecessor.

Even though it featured a familiar 5-door hatchback appearance, the design was of the fist-generation Leaf was quirky, to say the least - but that was probably intentional on Nissan's part in order to emphasize that this wasn't a conventional hatch but an all-electric model.

Toyota Tj Cruiser Could Come To A Showroom Near You

Toyota TJ Cruiser Could Come To A Showroom Near You

Besides its already generous lineup of vehicles, Toyota could soon launch an entirely new product, based on the TJ Cruiser Concept that's displayed in Tokyo until November 5.

Said to combine the best of both worlds by mixing the style of an SUV with the practicality of a van, the study has a good chance of hitting the assembly lines if it gets positive feedback from consumers, Autocar reports.

Ifa 2017: Panasonic's Moving Fridge Will Come To You When Called

Panasonic's Moving Fridge Will Come To You When Called


#IFA2017 – Have you ever hated getting up from your chair in the room and have to walk over to the kitchen just to get a drink or a snack? Wouldn’t it be much more awesome if your drinks/snacks were delivered to you instead? While getting a butler might be too pricey for some, the folks at Panasonic might have a more hi-tech solution.

Nintendo's Snes Classic Will Come With A Rewind Feature

Nintendo's SNES Classic Will Come With A Rewind Feature

Are games these days easier than games back in the day? We suppose it depends on the gamer, but if there's one thing that many can agree on is that games back in the day were considerably less forgiving, and that not many games came with tutorials that walked gamers through the features and functions, meaning that picking up a new game could be tricky.

Nintendo seems to understand this loud and clear because one of the features that is part of the SNES Classic is a "rewind" feature. As the name suggests, this rewind feature will let players turn back the clock when they screw up. So if you hate the idea of starting all over again, you can rewind back to the previous moment and try again, whether it be a tricky level, boss fight, or missed out on picking up on an item.

Don't Expect Tekken 7 To Come To The Switch Anytime Soon

Don't Expect Tekken 7 To Come To The Switch Anytime Soon

Tekken 7, or at least the non-arcade version of the game, will be released in June where it will find its way onto the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However with the Nintendo Switch having been officially announced, we're sure many are wondering if the game could eventually find its way onto the console as well.

If you were hoping for a Tekken 7 port for the Switch, you might be disappointed to learn that will not be happening just yet, or ever. Speaking to GameSpot in an interview, Tekken's producer Katsuhiro Harada revealed that they haven't even had time to get to study the hardware of the console simply because they haven't been able to get their hands on it.

Netflix For Nintendo Switch ‘will Come In Time,’ Says Nintendo

Netflix For Nintendo Switch ‘Will Come In Time,’ says NintendoGaming consoles are used for much more than just playing games now, no wonder you have some of the world’s most popular video streaming services creating apps for the likes of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Microsoft has particularly done well to bring a diverse range of entertainment features to its console and Sony has been improving this for the PS4 as well. However, Nintendo decided to not push forward with such non-gaming features for the Nintendo Switch at launch. The company has now said that Netflix for Nintendo Switch “will come in time.”

Spring Has Come (japanese Movie)

Spring Has Come (Japanese Movie)In February, Hajime Tokita (Kyotaro Yanagiya) and his daughter Riko Tokita (Anna Ishii) travel to Tokyo from Hiroshima. Riko Tokita will start college there and they will look for an apartment for her. Along the way, Hajime Tokita thinks back to his late wife and raising his daughter alone. Riko Tokita gets to know her father better.

Upcoming Sony Xperia Will Come With 4gb Ram

Upcoming Sony Xperia will come with 4GB RAMSome leaked pictures showing at least one upcoming Sony Xperia device have leaked over at Weibo. It is difficult to gauge much from the pictures, but one of them confirms the use of 4GB RAM, which is one spec that was rumoured previously.