Next Generation Nissan Gt-r May Come With Hybrid Powertrain

Next Generation Nissan GT-R may come with hybrid powertrainMost of the details related to the next-generation version of the Nissan GT-R sports car have so far been a mystery, but at least one source calls it a "foregone conclusion" that the car will move to a hybrid powertrain within the next few years. That's not to say the model will go soft. In fact, the Japanese automaker may be eying the Porsche 918 or McLaren P1 as performance targets.

Daruma Dolls Show That Wishes Come True

Daruma dolls show that wishes come trueAs the results of school and university entrance exams roll in, daruma dolls with two painted eyes are staring out from specially set up shelves at Katsuoji temple here.

Sony : Playstation Vr Might Come To Pc Eventually

Sony : PlayStation VR Might Come to PC EventuallyThis week marks the moment when the first modern virtual reality solution linked to the PC, the Oculus Rift, will arrive for those who have placed a pre-order or have backed the device on Kickstarter, and it seems that the cheaper PlayStation VR from Sony might someday debut on the same platform to introduce more competition.

New Mazda Cx-9 Suv Could Come To Europe

2017 Mazda CX-9 Production Started in HiroshimaMazda's European boss, Jeff Guyton, says that the CX-9 might, for the first time, make it to the Old Continent.
If it gets the green light, it will land with a diesel engine instead of the 250 HP 2.5-liter petrol unit that's available in the used on the US version.

Mazda Sedans Must Come Before Suvs

Mazda sedans must come before SUVsCreating traditional sedans, wagons and hatchbacks – rather than focusing exclusively on SUVs – is an essential requirement when it comes to engineering dynamically capable vehicles, according to Mazda.

All Phases Of Kunieda’s Game Come Together For 6th French Title

All phases of Kunieda’s game come together for 6th French titleWheelchair tennis champion Shingo Kunieda seems to be hitting his peak simultaneously in the three aspects of his game: his mental approach, technique and physical condition.
The 31-year-old beat Stephane Houdet of France in the men’s final at the French Open on Friday to win his second straight title and sixth overall at Roland Garros. Kunieda faced Houdet in the final for the fourth straight year, but only allowed his rival to take one game, winning 6-1, 6-0.

Photo: Traditional Japanese Umbrellas Are Dried In The Sun Before The Rains Come

PHOTO: Traditional Japanese umbrellas are dried in the sun before the rains comeAhead of rainy season, Japanese-style umbrellas, or "wagasa," which are traditional local craft products of Nakatsu, northern Oita Prefecture, were drying in the sun in recent days before completion.
The Nakatsu wagasa is placed in the sun for 10 days after being coated with perilla oil. Before the coating, it also has to undergo about 60 processes, including framing and covering the frame with traditional “washi” Japanese paper.

Thanko Bracelet Lightning Cable Does Not Come In Dude Colors

Thanko Bracelet Lightning Cable Does Not Come in Dude Colors Thanko just released in Japan a fashionable bracelet that doubles as a Lightning cable. Finding a reasonably satisfying aftermarket charging/syncing cable for iOS devices is challenging at best. Apple’s cables are too long, easily become funkified withe the oils and dirt of life, and they don’t really last that long (and they’re expensive). Thanko Bracelet Lightning Cable is the best alternative we have found.

Sony : Playstation Now Subscriptions Come To Ps3 May 12th

Sony : PlayStation Now Subscriptions Come to PS3 May 12thWe have some exciting news: PlayStation Now subscriptions will be coming to PS3 later this May! Now you’ll be able to play a huge library of more than 100 hit PS3 games on PS4 and PS3, as well as select Sony Blu-ray players and TVs, all for one monthly price. That’s an incredible number of games to binge on — and of course, you can play your games across devices with cloud saves.