Sdf Truck's Ammunition Load Comes Loose

SDF truck's ammunition load comes loose

Japanese police say a load of ammunition became dislodged on an Air Self-Defense Force truck that was driving on an expressway north of Tokyo.

The incident occurred in Tochigi Prefecture around 8 a.m. on Thursday.

This Nissan Gt-r's Unique Cabin Comes Courtesy Of Carlex Design

This Nissan GT-R's Unique Cabin Comes Courtesy Of Carlex Design

When Nissan unveiled its revamped GT-R back in 2017, changes were made both inside and out. So aside from increased performance, a new V-motion grille and a new hood, Godzilla also got a Nappa leather-wrapped instrument panel, revised front seats and an overall less cluttered dashboard.

2020 Subaru Ascent Comes With Very Few Updates, Priced From $31,995

2020 Subaru Ascent Comes With Very Few Updates, Priced From $31,995

Subaru has released official pricing and information for the 2020 Ascent in the United States. The mid-size SUV is now offered with a Rear Seat Reminder system on all trim levels that prevents child/pet entrapment in the vehicle by prompting drivers to check the rear seat before exiting.

Talk With Travelers: Gora Koen Comes Alive At Night With Light, Music Extravaganza

TALK WITH TRAVELERS: Gora Koen comes alive at night with light, music extravaganza

Editor's note: This is part of a series of stories featuring the aesthetic landscapes of Mount Fuji, Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture and Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture, which have been visited by an increasing number of tourists from overseas. Based on conversations with travelers, the series casts light on sceneries and cultural heritages that gave form to these areas.

* * *

Twitch Prime Comes With A Free Year Of Nintendo Switch Online

Twitch Prime Comes With A Free Year Of Nintendo Switch Online

Last year Nintendo rolled out its Nintendo Switch Online service. For those who are unfamiliar, Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service that gamers will need in order to play their games online with each other, but now it seems that if you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, you will be able to get a free year of Nintendo Switch Online service.

According to Twitch, “Get up to 12 months of access to Nintendo Switch Online at no extra cost. You can claim the 3-month Nintendo Switch Online access offer now, then come back to claim the 9-month individual membership when it unlocks.” Basically this means that upfront you will be able to claim 3 months of free membership, and after 60 days and assuming you’re still subscribed to Twitch Prime, you will be able to claim the remaining 9 months.

Dark Souls: Remastered Comes To Ps4 May 25

Dark Souls: Remastered Comes to PS4 May 25

Hello everyone, this is Kasumi Yogi from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., and we are excited to light the bonfire once again with Dark Souls: Remastered.
What does Dark Souls: Remastered bring to the table for long-time fans of the critically-acclaimed action role-playing game series? You can return to Lordran to re-experience the original Dark Souls in 4K resolution and HDR lighting when playing on PS4 Pro.

The Station Comes To Ps4 On February 20

The Station Comes to PS4 on February 20

The Station drops you into a sci-fi mystery, serving up cosmic questions to ponder and problems to solve. Over a newly-discovered planet home to a hostile alien race, orbits a research space station. However, it has suddenly gone dark – all communication has ceased and the vessel's stealth systems have shut off entirely. As a recon specialist sent to investigate the dark, ominous, puzzle-filled station, your only tools are your wits and the clues revealed through your augmented reality heads-up display (AR HUD). What you discover may have you questioning your ethics, morality, and beliefs. Welcome to the AR world of The Station.


Auto Seat Comes With Speakers, Vibrators To Give Info To Driver

Auto Seat Comes With Speakers, Vibrators to Give Info to Driver

Tachi-S Co Ltd developed an auto seat incorporating speakers, vibrators, etc.

Tachi-S expects that the seat will work in conjunction with a driving assistance system and make it easier to give a warning to the driver. The company co-developed the seat with Clarion Co Ltd, and a prototype was exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which was open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017.