Nintendo's Free Joy-con Repairs Might Not Be Applicable To All Regions

Nintendo's Free Joy-Con Repairs Might Not Be Applicable To All Regions

Recently there have been reports of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons experiencing a “drifting” problem, where the controllers are starting to become unreliable and moving by themselves when playing games, even if there is no input from the player. However, it was also reported that according to an internal memo, Nintendo will be repairing the controllers for free, even if it is out of warranty.

They would also be refunding gamers who sent their controllers in for repair and paid the repair costs. However, it seems that this might not be applicable to all regions around the world. According to UK website Metro, it seems that this repair policy might not be applicable to the UK. This was further confirmed by a post on Reddit in which a user tried to ask about the free repairs, only to be told that it seems that it might only be for gamers in the US.

Nintendo May Fix Joy-con Drift Free Even For Out Of Warranty Customers

Nintendo May Fix Joy-Con Drift Free Even For Out Of Warranty Customers

There have been quite a few reports recently about the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drift. Many players have experienced that their joysticks are becoming unreliable and pointing them in random directions when they’re playing a game even when they haven’t been physically pushed. Nintendo hasn’t acknowledged that this is a defect yet but a new report claims that the company will fix Joy-Con drift for free even for customers who may be out of warranty.

There were reports that Nintendo could face a class action lawsuit over this so perhaps that’s why the company has decided to be proactive about this and fix the issue even for customers who may not be covered by warranty.

Nintendo Could Face Lawsuit Over The Joy-con 'drift' Issues

Nintendo Could Face Lawsuit Over The Joy-Con 'Drift' Issues

The lawyers at Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith have filed for a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo in the US, where they alleged that Nintendo sold the Joy-Cons despite knowing that there were issues with it. The lawsuit also alleges that Nintendo has violated California’s fraud laws along with state and federal warranty laws, and are seeking monetary damages.

Nintendo has since issued a statement to The Verge in which they say, “At Nintendo, we take great pride in creating quality products and we are continuously making improvements to them. We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly. We want our consumers to have fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls short of this goal we always encourage them to visit so we can help.”

Nintendo Switch Owners Are Reporting Issues Of Joy-con 'drift'

Nintendo Switch Owners Are Reporting Issues Of Joy-Con 'Drift'

Basically, there seems to be something wrong with the Joy-Cons in which even if the user is not touching the joystickers, the console will register it as moving. This was confirmed in a report by Kotaku’s Gita Jackson who wrote, “When I was in the combat screen, where the stick on the right Joy-Con controls the overhead angle of the camera, the camera angle would slowly drift until it was directly overhead.”

Jackson is not alone in experiencing this issue as other Kotaku staff members have similarly confirmed the issue themselves, along with many other gamers in a post on Reddit that got over 25,000 upvotes. While wear and tear seems to be the norm when it comes to hardware, some gamers claim to have only owned the console for a few months before the problems began to show.

Nintendo Submits New Left Joy-con To The Fcc

Nintendo Submits New Left Joy-Con To The FCC

When the Nintendo Switch first came out, many gamers were pretty happy with what they got. However there were quite a few reports of users experiencing connectivity issues with the left Joy-Con. It was speculated that the antenna design of the left Joy-Con could be the problem, although Nintendo for the most part reassured gamers that there were no issues.

However it seems that despite Nintendo's claims of no issues on the left Joy-Con, they could have an updated version of it in the works, as evidenced by recent photos that show the controller being submitted to the FCC. It is unclear as to what changes Nintendo might have made, but it has been speculated that this new submission could be an updated version of the left controller that addresses the connectivity issue.

Nintendo Switch To Get Splatoon 2 Themed Joy-con Colors

Nintendo Switch To Get Splatoon 2 Themed Joy-Con Colors

When the Nintendo Switch first launched, the colors of the Joy-Cons available came in either a grey finish, or a neon red or neon blue finish. However last month Nintendo announced a new neon yellow finish, and it seems that the company is continuing with its neon theme as they have since unveiled new Joy-Con colors themed after Splatoon 2.

As you can see in the image above, Nintendo will be launching a Splatoon 2 themed Nintendo Switch which will feature new Joy-Cons that offer up neon green and neon pink color options. There will also be a similarly themed Pro controller where the bottom grips are also colored in neon green and pink.

Nintendo Announces Neon Yellow Joy-con And Joy-con Battery Strap

Nintendo Announces Neon Yellow Joy-Con And Joy-Con Battery Strap

If you don't like the idea of your Nintendo Switch being one great big grey mass, then you might have opted for the red/blue version of the console. Now for those looking for even more variety, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has announced a new Neon Yellow Joy-Con variant as well as a Joy-Con battery strap.

According to Nintendo, these new Joy-Cons are expected to be launched alongside Arms which is due for a release on the 16th of June, so do keep an eye out if you like what you see. The Joy-Cons themselves are pretty straightforward, but it is the Joy-Con battery strap that is probably the most interesting.

[nintendo Switch Teardown (2)] 'hd Vibration' Device In Joy-con

[Nintendo Switch Teardown (2)] 'HD Vibration' Device in Joy-Con

Continued from [Nintendo Switch Teardown (1)] Only 1 PCB in Dock

We proceeded onward to dismantle the "Joy-Con," another controller that speaks to the Switch. Ordinarily, a couple of Joy-Con is utilized as a controller, yet they can likewise be utilized as two controllers. Notwithstanding its little size, it is outfitted with a "analog stick" and four catches organized in a cross shape like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo DS. Since it accompanies a speeding up sensor and whirligig, it can be utilized like the "Wii Remote."

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