5,000-mile 'absurd Original Condition' 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale

5,000-mile 'absurd original condition' 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale

What would you pay for the most perfect Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 in the world? Not a nut-and-bolt restoration, not a customized one, but a factory original 1978 FJ40 that's spent all of its life in good hands. Right now, it seems the price is in the six figures.

This green FJ40, currently up at BringATrailer.com, has only done a little over 5,000 miles in its lifetime. When it was just one year old and barely used, the first owner decided to store it in his warehouse. A carpet supplier, he built a special carpet-lined crate for it and hoisted it onto the warehouse wall as a source of inspiration — he planned to take it down someday and tour all the U.S. national parks in it.

Flumpool To Go On Hiatus Due To Yamamura Ryuta's Throat Condition

flumpool to go on hiatus due to Yamamura Ryuta's throat condition

flumpool have announced that they will be going on hiatus due to vocalist Yamamura Ryuta's throat condition.

Yamamura says his throat has been in a bad condition for sometime. After the Kanagawa stop of the band's nationwide tour 'flumpool 8th tour 2017: Re:image' on December 3, he went to see a doctor who diagnosed him with functional dysphonia. Due to this, flumpool have cancelled the remaining four concerts of their tour as well as their countdown live. They have decided to go on hiatus, so that Yamamura can focus on treating his condition.

The Million-mile Toyota Tundra Is In Shockingly Good Condition

The Million-Mile Toyota Tundra is in Shockingly Good ConditionA couple months ago, one proud Toyota owner pushed his 2007 Tundra pickup past the million-mile mark, a distance many motorists would be hard pressed to clock in a lifetime of driving.
But Victor Sheppard is no ordinary guy. He hauls parts for the oil industry, keeping its heavy-duty equipment humming and hydrocarbons flowing. Over the past nine years, he’s routinely made cross-country treks from his home in Louisiana to deliver desperately needed components all across America. In fact, he averaged around 125,000 miles each year in the saddle of his Toyota.

Yuki Mio Postpones Her Singing Debut, Takes A Break Due To Poor Physical Condition

Yuki Mio postpones her singing debut, takes a break due to poor physical conditionPreviously, we reported that actress Yuki Mio (15) would be making her singing debut with double A-side single "Oshiete, Kamisama / Sayonara Mata Aoune", which was scheduled to be released on March 25. However, it was recently announced the release of her debut single has been postponed, and a CD debut event, which was slated to be held on February 26, has been canceled.

Fujitsu Skin Care Smartphone App Tracks Skin Condition Over Time

Skin care smartphone app tracks skin condition over timeFujitsu Laboratories has developed a system for measuring skin color accurately, using a smartphone's camera and a Color Frame. This technology makes it easier to measure skin condition, including spots, dullness, and pore size.

"Skin looks different under different lighting conditions, such as incandescent or fluorescent illumination. But Color Frame can compensate for color differences caused by different environments."

Kawasaki Joan Lascorz Medical Condition Update 18 May 2012

Joan Lascorz Medical Condition Update 18 May 2012Following the accident at Imola on April 2nd, Joan Lascorz has completed his initial recovery at the University Hospital Vall d'Hebron and has now been transferred to the Guttman Institute.

After the last statement issued on April 27, Joan has been recovering respiratory capacity after post-traumatic complications after the accident.

A few days ago the medical team at Hospital Vall d'Hebron withdrew the cannula tracheostomy thanks to good performance of Joan’s respiratory system. Joan remains fully conscious, talking, without any mental consequences and remembers all the Imola crash, which in due time will be analyzed and explained.

Kawasaki Joan Lascorz Medical Condition Update 2

Kawasaki Joan Lascorz Medical Condition UpdateFollowing the accident at Imola during the official practice of the Superbike World Championship last April 2, we would like to issue the following update.

Joan, by showing improvements in his physical condition and especially in terms of his respiratory system, has been transferred from the ICU to the Spinal Cord Injury Unit, University Hospital Vall d'Hebron. The Spaniard is fully awake and aware, artificial respiration assistance has been removed and Joan can speak without any problems.