Tokyo Tests Anti-congestion Steps For 2020 Games

Tokyo tests anti-congestion steps for 2020 Games

Tokyo on Monday began a trial of staggered commuting as it prepares for an influx of visitors for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. More than 10 million people are expected to visit Tokyo for the Games.

During the trial, about 10,000 Tokyo Metropolitan Government employees are required to avoid using public transport in the morning rush hour.

Firms Asked To Ease Congestion During Tokyo Games

Firms asked to ease congestion during Tokyo Games

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has asked businesses to help reduce traffic congestion during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

About 380 companies which are members of Keidanren, or the Japan Business Federation, took part in a seminar on Monday.

Tokyo Starts Campaign To Ease Morning Congestion

Tokyo starts campaign to ease morning congestion

The Tokyo metropolitan government has started calling on commuters to avoid using trains during the morning rush hour to ease congestion.

Tokyo officials launched the campaign on Monday as part of the run-up to the next year's Olympics and Paralympics to be held in the city.

Easing Traffic Congestion During 2020 Tokyo Games

Easing traffic congestion during 2020 Tokyo Games

The Japanese government is to ask firms to take steps to ease traffic congestion during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Government officials met on Tuesday to discuss measures to ensure athletes and spectators will be transported smoothly. Tokyo metropolitan government officials, organizing committee members and representatives of business groups also took part in the meeting.

Mitsubishi Electric Develops World’s First Real-time Crowd Congestion Estimation System

Mitsubishi Electric develops world’s first real-time crowd congestion estimation systemMitsubishi Electric announced today that in collaboration with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of Tokyo University (RCAST), it has jointly developed to be the world’s first system that analyzes data from surveillance cameras for high-accuracy real-time estimation and prediction of crowd congestion on pathways to and from event sites. As a solution for effectively managing crowd congestion based on highly accurate prediction, it is hoped that the technology will contribute to increased visitor safety and security at events.

Nissan Pokes Fun At 'clean' Cars Hit By Stricter London Congestion Charge Rules

Nissan pokes fun at 'clean' cars hit by stricter London Congestion Charge rulesNissan can see an upside to the tough new emissions rules in London and turn it into a great promotional opportunity. The London Congestion Charge has been tightened up so that the vehicles that are eligible for exemption from the hefty daily charge of 10 British pounds (a little more than $15 US) that it costs to access the city's downtown streets was recently revised from an emissions threshold of 100 grams per kilometer down to 75g/km.

Nissan Welcomes Changes To London Congestion Charge

Nissan Welcomes Changes To London Congestion ChargeNissan has welcomed the changes to the London Congestion Charge from Transport for London (TfL), which sees pure electric cars and vans or vehicles emitting less than 75g/km receiving a 100% exemption from the £10 charge. The new ultra low emissions discount, which previously applied to vehicles emitting less than 100g/km, comes in to force on 1 July 2013.

Honda Conducts Public-road Testing And Verifies Effectiveness Of New Congestion Minimization Technology

Honda Conducts Public-road Testing and Verifies Effectiveness of New Congestion Minimization TechnologyHonda Motor Co., Ltd. conducted public-road testing of its new traffic congestion minimization technology in Indonesia and verified the effectiveness of the technology in delaying the development of congestion, and improving fuel efficiency by more than 20 percent. The public-road testing in Indonesia was conducted from September 2012 through February 2013 on a toll road between Ulujami and Pondok Ranji (in Jakarta) which is operated by PT. Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta*.

New System Warns Drivers When They Are Causing Traffic Congestion

New system warns drivers when they are causing traffic congestionHonda Motor has developed the world's first system to warn people that their driving might cause traffic congestion.

The technology, developed in cooperation with the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, analyzes drivers’ speeds, the frequency of braking and other factors and recommends smoother driving if a drivers’ habits are likely to cause problems for other motorists.

Honda Develops World's First Technology To Detect The Potential For Traffic Congestion With The Goal To Prevent Traffic Jams

Honda Develops World's First Technology to Detect the Potential for Traffic Congestion With the Goal to Prevent Traffic JamsHonda Motor announced the successful development of the world's first*1 technology to detect the potential for traffic congestion and determine whether the driving pattern of the vehicle is likely to create traffic jams. Honda developed this technology while recognizing that the acceleration and deceleration behavior of one vehicle influences the traffic pattern of trailing vehicles and can trigger the traffic congestion.