Japan To Consider Partial Easing Of Emergency

Japan to consider partial easing of emergency

The Japanese government plans to decide on Thursday whether a state of emergency can be lifted in regions where the coronavirus outbreak is easing.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo told the Diet on Monday that he will hear from experts on Thursday before announcing whether a partial easing is possible.

Govt. To Consider Lifting Emergency Every Week

Govt. to consider lifting emergency every week

Japan's minister in charge of the coronavirus response says the government plans to hear experts' opinions every week to consider whether to lift the state of emergency for the coronavirus.

Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi held separate teleconferences with leaders of Japan's major business organizations and the representative of prefectural governors on Tuesday.

Japan Govt. To Consider Sept. Start Of School Year

Japan govt. to consider Sept. start of school year

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says the government will weigh various options when considering whether to change the start of the school year from April to September.

Abe commented on calls for the change at a Lower House Budget Committee meeting on Wednesday. Some governors and opposition parties want the start of the academic year to be pushed back to September as school closures have been prolonged amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Japanese Airlines Consider Flight Suspensions

Japanese airlines consider flight suspensions

Japanese airlines are seeing a sharp decline in the number of passengers going to and coming from China since the coronavirus outbreak. They are considering suspending some flights for both business and health-safety reasons.

All Nippon Airways operates over 20 round trips a day between Japan and China. So far, only the Wuhan service has been suspended. ANA officials say they are keeping a close watch on the situation.

Japan To Carefully Consider Hormuz Coalition

Japan to carefully consider Hormuz coalition

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has reiterated that Japan is carefully considering its response to a US plan to form an international coalition to ensure security in the Strait of Hormuz.

The United States invited countries to the headquarters of its Fifth Fleet in Bahrain on Wednesday to provide a technical explanation on the plan from a military aspect.

Japan To Consider Joint Custody After Divorce

Japan to consider joint custody after divorce

Japan plans to start looking at the idea of granting divorced couples joint custody over children. The law now grants custody to one parent only.

Justice Ministry officials say they will begin discussions on the pros and cons of joint custody after completing an ongoing survey around July. They have been reviewing regulations and operations in 24 countries, mostly Western nations, where joint custody is widely practiced.

Aichi To Consider Revising Swine Fever Checks

Aichi to consider revising swine fever checks

Officials in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan say they don't see any problem with their initial decision not to limit shipments of pigs from a farm where an outbreak of swine fever was later confirmed. But they plan to consider revising their inspection methods to check for the disease.

The officials made the remarks on Thursday, following the confirmation of swine fever infections on Wednesday at a farm in Toyota City and another in Tahara City in the same prefecture. Infections have also been confirmed at four rearing facilities that received shipments from the farm in Toyota. They include facilities in Gifu and Nagano prefectures. Cases of the disease have now been reported in five prefectures.

Ministry To Consider New Train Security Measures

Ministry to consider new train security measures

Japan's transport ministry will consider new security measures for bullet trains following Saturday's deadly knife attack on a Shinkansen traveling near Tokyo.

The ministry is urging rail companies to step up security after a 22-year-old man stabbed 3 passengers on the train. One of them died, and the other 2 were injured.

Honda To Consider Toyota Hilux Rival

Honda to consider Toyota HiLux rival A leading Honda executive has described the pick-up market as an “attractive” one and admits the company needs to consider the business case for a rival to the Toyota HiLux and other top-selling utes.