Japan To Carefully Consider Hormuz Coalition

Japan to carefully consider Hormuz coalition

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has reiterated that Japan is carefully considering its response to a US plan to form an international coalition to ensure security in the Strait of Hormuz.

The United States invited countries to the headquarters of its Fifth Fleet in Bahrain on Wednesday to provide a technical explanation on the plan from a military aspect.

Japan To Consider Joint Custody After Divorce

Japan to consider joint custody after divorce

Japan plans to start looking at the idea of granting divorced couples joint custody over children. The law now grants custody to one parent only.

Justice Ministry officials say they will begin discussions on the pros and cons of joint custody after completing an ongoing survey around July. They have been reviewing regulations and operations in 24 countries, mostly Western nations, where joint custody is widely practiced.

Aichi To Consider Revising Swine Fever Checks

Aichi to consider revising swine fever checks

Officials in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan say they don't see any problem with their initial decision not to limit shipments of pigs from a farm where an outbreak of swine fever was later confirmed. But they plan to consider revising their inspection methods to check for the disease.

The officials made the remarks on Thursday, following the confirmation of swine fever infections on Wednesday at a farm in Toyota City and another in Tahara City in the same prefecture. Infections have also been confirmed at four rearing facilities that received shipments from the farm in Toyota. They include facilities in Gifu and Nagano prefectures. Cases of the disease have now been reported in five prefectures.

Ministry To Consider New Train Security Measures

Ministry to consider new train security measures

Japan's transport ministry will consider new security measures for bullet trains following Saturday's deadly knife attack on a Shinkansen traveling near Tokyo.

The ministry is urging rail companies to step up security after a 22-year-old man stabbed 3 passengers on the train. One of them died, and the other 2 were injured.

Honda To Consider Toyota Hilux Rival

Honda to consider Toyota HiLux rival A leading Honda executive has described the pick-up market as an “attractive” one and admits the company needs to consider the business case for a rival to the Toyota HiLux and other top-selling utes.

Fujitsu, Orix, Masuda Seed And Iwata City Reach Basic Agreement To Consider Launch Of Smart Agriculture Project

Fujitsu, ORIX, Masuda Seed and Iwata City Reach Basic Agreement to Consider Launch of Smart Agriculture ProjectFujitsu Limited, ORIX Corporation, Masuda Seed Co.,Ltd. and Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture announced that they have reached a basic agreement to begin considering the launch of the Iwata Smart Agriculture(1) Project, an initiative intended to realize regional development based on agriculture. In addition to the three core companies of Fujitsu, ORIX and Masuda Seed, the project seeks to bring together expertise from corporations and organizations spanning a variety of sectors, including nursery companies with specialized expertise, agricultural producers with high-level cultivation technology, distributors and food processing companies with a good sense of the market, local governments, educational institutions, and manufacturers of agricultural machinery and supplies.

Panasonic : What Hotels Should Consider When Installing Outdoor Displays

Panasonic : What Hotels Should Consider When Installing Outdoor DisplaysThe appeal of outdoor displays for hotels, casinos and other resorts is a tempting one. Outdoor displays, whether at an outdoor bar, installed near a Jacuzzi or another public space or in a private cabana, offer guests an additional feeling of luxury and convenience, both of which contribute to their overall experience on the property. Additionally, hoteliers can communicate to guests about upcoming events/shows, ads for restaurants, shops as well as local excursions. In a data driven world, outdoor digital signage provides another method to reach guests in a modern and effective way.